Saturday , February 27 2021

It is a mistake to think that the Covid-19 vaccine is of no use

TRIBUJABAR.ID, AKAKARTA – The government continues to socialize the importance of vaccines to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, including Covid-19. There are still many people who do not understand this, making socialization must be implemented continuously and sustainably.

Quoted from page, Tuesday (24/11/2020), dr. Dirga Sakti Rambe, a vaccinologist as well as an internal medicine specialist, said the ability of vaccines to build immunity against certain diseases such as Covid-19 makes it the most effective tool for preventing transmission.

In the Productive Dialogue on “Vaccines as Health Preventive Planning” held by the Committee for Management of Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN), Monday (23/11/2020), others. Dirga said each vaccine has a different efficacy. However, vaccines will not be licensed if their effectiveness is low.

“For the Covid-19 vaccine, the WHO has found an effectiveness of at least 50 percent. We hope that the existing vaccines will be more effective than the figures set by the WHO,” he said.

The importance of vaccines was discovered by others. Twindy Rarasati, a doctor who also survived Covid-19. He said vaccines were urgently needed as a means of public health intervention during a pandemic.

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Although the disease is dangerous to health, he said, the symptoms of Covid-19 infection can be so minimal that patients do not realize they are infected. This has resulted in many patients with Covid-19 receiving treatment late or receiving treatment when their symptoms and conditions worsen.

“There are a lot of symptoms caused by Covid-19, so we are always aware of how our bodies feel. Do not feel well because you do not have a fever. “Even though he has symptoms of Covid-19 infection, other than fever,” he said. Twindi.

Dr Driga said it would be a mistake to think that vaccines are useless because vaccines train the immune system to produce antibodies. “Another vaccine has advantages that other prevention efforts do not have, namely vaccines provide specific protection,” he said.

It was previously reported that the government continues to prepare a comprehensive implementation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

General Director of Health Services, Ministry of Health Prof. Abdul Qadir said his party had sent a circular regarding the readiness of health facilities to implement the Covid-19 vaccination.

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