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Isisel claims to be deleting cell phone data, but they reappear, linked to exciting videos?



The exciting video case similar to Isisella Anastasia alias Isisel is still being run by the police. Recently, Isisel reportedly visited the famous lawyer, Hotman Paris. Why?

The arrival of this mother of one child turned out to be a consultation, Bunda. According to Hotman, Isisel confessed to his cell phone that disappeared three years ago.

“According to Isisel, the mobile phone was given to his manager three years ago and it was deleted. I do not know why he showed up,” Hotman was quoted as saying. Insert live, Sunday (6/12/2020).

But so far it is not certain what Hotman meant in the statement. The same goes for the data statements that Giselle deleted.

The name isisel really became a major topic some time ago. This exciting video similar to Gadding Martin’s ex-wife spread on social networks and became a public conversation.

Authorities then investigated the video. Isisel also fulfilled the invitations for the investigator, Bunda.

To investigate this case, the police also include forensic experts and technology experts. They are trying to reveal the real figure in the sex video.

“Yes, we are still exploring (male lead). We are still following it. What is the use of face-expertise for face expertise? To find out exactly what we suspect, it was brought to life in the mainstream media, on social media.” said the head of public relations of the police in the metro. Yaya Combes Yusri Yunus in front of the journalists, in akakarta, some time ago.

Yusri Yunus asked, the public is waiting for the results of the investigation. According to him, it is not easy to deal with and discover the figure in this video.

“Analysis is not easy. The point is, once we get that, we will pass the results on to our colleagues,” he said.

Before Isisel visited Hotman Paris, the 61-year-old lawyer commented on the case. Hotman suggested that telematics experts should not check out this video, Bunda.

What did Hotman say in its entirety? How, then, does this case continue? Click NEXT let’s go

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