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IMM supports Khadar Nashir, who will be the chairman of Dieve Amiens Rais Gegara

Former Muhammadia P.P. Ketum Amiens Rais wants to interview Ketum P.P. Muhammadia Hadar Nashir, who freed his citizens from voting in the 2019 presidential election. The Association of Students of Muhammad (IMM) considers Amiens' statement that it is the opposite of Muhammadia of China.

"Regarding the statement of the father of Amiens Rais, who will interview the chairman of the father of Muhammad PP, Dr. Heather Nashir, if he frees the citizens of Muhammadia to elect anyone in the presidential election on April 17, 2019, the IMM DPP believes that the statement issued by Pak Amiens is contrary to the spirit of the whale at the Muhammadia Conference in Makkahar in 1971, stating that Muhammadia was not tied to any political party and maintained at the same distance as all political parties, "said President of the I PM, Najh Prastjoe, in a written statement Wednesday (21.11.2013).

Mr Muhammad's spirit in the 1971 Congress, Kitaha, says Prastjoe was reestablished at farmers in Muhammadiyah in 2002 in Denpasar, Bali. In tanwir, the principle of Muhammadiyah is different from that of political parties.

"In Denpasar Kitta, it was also emphasized that there were things that were uncertain, Muhammad was performing the role of interest groups, interest groups or expressed opinions or pushed Muhammad's stance, emphasizing that Muhammadia, in line with China, did not support the candidate as a political parties, "he explained.

IMM supports Khadar Nashir, who will be the chairman of Dieve Amiens Rais GegaraAmien Rais. Photo: Lamhot Aritonang

According to IMM, says Prastio, there was no suggestion in the Muhammads that Muhammadia should make a single choice of politics in the presidential election. Because, he continued, if the fatwa was issued, he feared that Muhammadia would be dragged into a practical political vortex that was counterproductive to Muhammadia as a missionary movement.

"If support is made then what is the difference between the Muhammad and the success team or the political parties that support the presidential candidate? Once again, Muhammadia is a common home for all elements of the nation, therefore the DPM IMM supports the position of the father of the President of Muhammad maintains the neutrality of Muhammad and remains in the midst of an ummatan wasathon (middle), it is by not giving support to one of the candidates, "he said.

"Who will be elected president, we believe that Muhamedia will be a critical partner of the government," said Prastio.

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