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Here are 6 results of KPAI and Central Java Disdik coordination related to Viral Bully Teacher Videos

[ad_1], JAKARTA – The Indonesian Commission for the Protection of Children coordinated intensive activities with the Head of the Central Educational Office of Java in the field of video recordings of students who studied their teachers at one of Kendal's vocational schools.

Films that are viral or spread widely like a virus contain alleged suppression.rogue-an or prepare a certain number of students for teachers at SMK NU 03 Kaliwungu, Kendal, Central Java. Six points were noted as a result of the coordination of the development of the case, cited from the official statement of KPAI on Tuesday (11/13/2018).

First, KPAI appreciates Central Java Education Office, which is fast and very cooperative in handling alleged cases.rogueandcurrent changes in servicing the central Java Governor and KPAI.

SecondThe Central Java Education Office together with the school curators visited the Vocational School on Monday (11/21/2018) to ask for clarification from the school and teacher. Disdik also provides guidance for school heads and teachers at a private vocational school.

Third, from the information received by KPAI, the school called and supported students involved in the viral video on Saturday (11/10/2018).

Students were also asked to write statements that would not repeat the jokes, as in the viral video.

In addition, on Monday (11/12/2018), the school turned to parents and also made a joint commitment to advise their children not to repeat their actions and to respect their teachers.

The meeting was attended by pupils and parents of involved pupils, attended by school heads and numerous teachers, as well as members of the Kendal District Education Office, Regent Kendal and school principals.

Fourthly, the school and teacher interested said that those recorded on the viral films were just jokes, not violence or beatings.

However, the school admitted that the jokes or jokes of many students towards their teacher were actions or activities that were too distrustful or sociable.

Some factors cause this because:

(1) The nature of students who are less developed at home and school so that their behavior is not polite

(2) Low level of pedagogical competence of teachers, especially in mastering classes and efforts to create a creative, fun atmosphere of learning and questioning the creativity and interests of students.

Fifththe school develops the following steps:

(1) Organize a plan of action to strengthen the education of characters in schools, practice religious values ​​in everyday life

(2) Improve student discipline, including efficiency and his attitude, both clothing and hairstyle in accordance with school conditions

(3) The school will enforce school discipline

(4) It was also agreed that the SMK supervisor should periodically monitor and report the results to the Central Java Education and Culture Office.

SixthThe KPAI Commissioner for Education will continue to coordinate activities with the head of the Central Office of Javanese Education and KPAI to encourage the Central Provincial Government of Java to coordinate with a number of related regional organizations (OPD), including the Integrated Women and Children Service Center (P2TP2A) stop threatening for all students and psychological rehabilitation for students.

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