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Hacked Instagram Luna Maya, Here's the answer to Indonesia Netizen

JAKARTA, – There's something different about the account Instagram Luna Maya artist. It looks like the bill @lunamaya hacked on Sunday (11/10/2019).

From the unusual began to be seen insta story Account of Luna Maya at 2pm WIB. Luna, who previously seemed to be sending her activities watching videos on BTS, suddenly put the words she had read @dangerofficiallx with a black background.

Soon, back insta story Luna shows the profile of her account that changed her name to Neslim Gungen @neslimgungen.

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Suspicious account Instagram Luna Maya was hacked by a party that claims to have been named "WMA Club" by Turkey.

This can be seen from the video posting that Luna's account is-hacked from "WMA Club".

"@wmaclubicraat @theadiges @falcondeizyofficiall @dangerofficialx", Said the description of the video uploaded four hours ago.

Account knowledge Instagram her idol was hacked, Luna Maya's followers and fans immediately flooded the hacker's video commentary column.

Most netizens require bills Instagram Luna Maya is back.

"Poor Miss Moon," the account wrote @chamomosos.

"I hope Luna's account returns soon," he wrote @bali_breeze.

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Not only was Luna Maya's account flooded with comments, Indonesian netizens also immediately commented on Instagram accounts @wmaclubicraat.

The majority of netizens also asked for the bill Instagram Luna Maya is back.

"Give me an account of Luna Maya …," he wrote @alexandrree_jrmy.

"hacked jukkk back, "he wrote @retnomaharanii_

Until 7pm WIB, account Instagram Luna Maya still seems to be hacking.

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