Thursday , August 13 2020

Former NASA employee took life in Real Mars

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JAKARTA, – Former NASA employee Gilbert Levin has discovered a surprising new fact. The Viking Lander march in the 1970s revealed that NASA ignored evidence of life or aliens discovered by the probe.

Notice from The Sun, Monday (21.11.2019) how the wiki machines were sent to Mars over 40 years ago to probe the surface of Mars. They include an experiment known as a Labeled Release (LR) tasked with searching for signs of alien life.

The results, according to Levin, are positive, with investigations showing evidence of life on Mars. Unfortunately, the investigation was stopped by NASA.

"As the experiment progressed, a total of four positive results, supported by five different controls, descended from the Viking twin spacecraft, which landed 4,000 miles away," Levin said.

He added that the data curve signaled the discovery of microbial respiration on the Red Planet. The Martian curves are similar to those produced by the LR tests on Earth. However, NASA could not find any physical evidence that there was life there. There is smoke, but no fire.

"NASA has concluded that L.R. found a substance that mimics life, but not life. For some reason, for 43 years of the Vikings, no successive Martian land has used life-detecting devices to track these interesting results, "Levin said.

Mars has many mountains, the highest known in the solar system called Olympus Mons, which is three times larger than Everest. Mars is considered to be the second most sustainable planet on Earth. There are 39 missions to Mars so far, but only 16 have succeeded.

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