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Follow these five tips to make your vacation safe from Covid-19 transmission

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JAKARTA – During the Covid-19 epidemic, it is very important to choose tourist destination which is safe during the long holiday from October 28 to November 1, 2020. This is to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

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Head of the Department of Epidemiology, University of Indonesia (UI), Ph.D. Dr. Tri Younis Miko Vahiono, M.Sc. appealed to the public who wanted to fill long vacation with constant adherence to health protocols.

Not just for fun, Dr. Three noted that people choose tourist attractions in the safe zone. The safe zone in question is green and still applies the health protocol. “Determine which places to go and make sure the resorts are in the green zone so that they are not exposed to Covid-19,” said Dr. Three some time ago.

Choosing a safe zone is a priority when determining holiday locations and avoiding red zones due to the high risk of a Covid-19 contract. However, if he is forced to come to the red zone, it is necessary to apply additional strict health protocols, such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance and washing hands. “Going to the mall or anywhere in the red zone is risky. So don’t forget to wear a mask, stay away and avoid crowds, wash your hands with soap,” he said.

To keep your vacation safe from the transmission of Covid-19, Ph.D. Three shared the following tips.

1. Avoid drooling while talking

As is well known, the spread of the new coronavirus occurs through the transmission of droplets, from droplets when spoken. This is what makes people obedient to use masks and keep their distance and avoid crowds so as not to sign a contract with Covid-19.

2. Avoid crowds

It is important for you to avoid crowds where there is no distance. Choose a tourist area that is not crowded as it avoids the potential spread of the new coronavirus.

3. Know the status of a tourist destination

The zoning status of the tourist site to be resolved should be known early, whether the status is green, yellow, orange or red.

4. Choose an outdoor vacation location

Once you know the zoning status of a tourist location, make sure the vacation spot is in an open or open area, such as a beach or mountain tour. Dr. Tri advises to avoid indoor rooms that do not enter sunlight and air.

5. Condition of the body with good health

Make sure your body is in good health before you decide to go on vacation. If the physical condition is problematic, Dr. Three pointed to postponing travel and better rest near home at an acceptable distance.

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“The key is to avoid droplets. So you must wear a mask that protects your nose and mouth. Keep your distance so that when you speak, a few drops come out. Hold each other so that they do not hit you and it is also important to wash them. “hands with soap,” said Dr. Three


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