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Elon Mask Found Marijuana Suction, NASA Consider Workplace Safety at SpaceX and Boeing, JOGJA-SAS will check workplace safety intensively in both SpaceX and Boeing's main partners, after SpaceX's executive director, Elon Mash, who was found consuming marijuana aka nyimeng.

The two companies are currently developing spacecraft that will be carried by NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

Washington Post, who first reported the news report, it is expected that the review lasts for several months and will require hundreds of interviews. It is unclear whether there will be a request to postpone the first launch of the spacecraft to be made next year.

NASA, apparently, decided to make inspections after Mush smoked marijuana at podium by Joe Rogan in September, according to the Washington Post. The event caused controversy and numerous titles at the time, although the podcast was filmed in California, where recreational marijuana is legal. The legal use of marijuana is legal in 10 states, including California, is federally still verbane. SpaceX is a complete provider of NASA and the US military, which prohibits or discourages recreational drug use.

On the edge announced, NASA decided to review after Mush was caught smoking marijuana at Joe Rogan's podcast in September. The event caused controversy, and many were announced at the time. The marijuana masking incident occurred in California, a city in the state of Illinois, which legalized marijuana.

The problem is, although the use of marijuana is legal in 10 states, including California, marijuana is basically still banned by the Federal Government.

SpaceX is a launcher, which is very important for both NASA and the US military, while the two government bodies forbid drug use.

"NASA will conduct a study of cultural studies in an effort to coordinate with our commercial partners to ensure that the company meets the requirements of NASA for workplace safety, including compliance with the non-drug environment," NASA said in a statement On the edgeOn Tuesday (November 20, 2013).

"We sincerely hope that our commercial partners satisfy all the requirements for workplace safety in carrying out our mission and the services they give to the American people. As always, NASA will make sure to do it well."

NASA Administrator Jim Bridgen said the results of the study would help NASA ensure that their astronauts will be guaranteed with certainty. "If I see something that is inadequate, my main concern is that culture is causing this inaccuracy and NASA will certainly be involved in that," the Washington Post reported.

"As an official state body, we not only lead but also our contractors. We need to show the American public that when we place astronauts in missiles, they are guaranteed safely." Bridgestone also said: "The culture and leadership of one company starts with its leadership. "

Both SpaceX and Boeing are key performers for NASA. Boeing is producing the International Space Station (ISS), and the company is currently building a space rocket for the NASA space ignition system.

In the meantime, SpaceX is responsible for the regular opening of cargo to ISS. The company, recently certified by NASA to launch the most expensive and most complicated scientific mission. In 2014, NASA selected these two companies as finalists for the Commercial Crew Program, a NASA astronaut initiatives program with aircraft from a private company from the United States.

Since the end of the space shuttle program, NASA must rely on rocket launchers Soyuz to send astronauts to space. The deal cost the space agency more than $ 80m.

In November, SpaceX announced the first flight test plan for their aircraft, Crew Dragon, in early January 2019. If successful, the flight will be followed by a test launch scheduled for June 2019.

As for Boeing, the company plans to test its unmanned, CST-100 Starliner and test flights in August 2019 in March 2019.

The commercial crew program suffered many delays and received criticism from experts from experts. Some voiced concern about SpaceX's plan to activate missile crews – a procedure deemed uncertain by experts.

And recently, Boeing experienced leakage of propeller during a test that delayed their development of Starliner. In addition, the audit results from the Government Accounting Office provide evidence of the objectives of the program. The accounting office estimates that the two NASA partners were too aggressive.

NASA declined to comment on The Verge's question whether the agency's review by both partner companies would delay the planned launch of the spacecraft.

The two companies argue that security is the number one priority. "Human spacecraft is the basic mission of our company," said SpaceX.

"There's nothing more important about SpaceX than that [keamanan dan keselamatan]. And we are assuming the responsibility that NASA entrusted us to take US astronauts safely to and from the International Space Station. "

The company also added: "SpaceX is actively promoting a secure job and we believe that our workforce and workplace programs are totally drug-free over all applicable contracting requirements."

Boeing, who claims to always give priority to drug and alcohol jobs, made a similar statement. "Boing's working culture gives priority to the integrity, safety and quality of our manufactured products and a safe environment for our workers," Boeing said.

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