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Do you want to invest in gold, precious metals or jewelry?

Jakarta – Gold is probably one of the most popular forms of investment and is in demand from all walks of life. The price is stable and tends to increase every year, naturally if many people are interested in investing in gold.

Gold itself takes many forms, some are lattice or jewelry. For investment, which is more appropriate, gold bullion or jewelry?

To find out the benefits of investing in gold jewelry or gold bars, it is best to know the term of the investment to be made.

Gold marketer Hikini Gold Center Ferry, 30, said that if investments are made in the long run, real gold will fall into gold bullion. Another if the investment is only for the short term, you can choose gold in the form of jewelry.

"In the long run, there will be advantages to gold to gold. For example, just because there is more money, you still want to be stylish, jewelry more or less," Jerry said when talking about demicom (9/27/19).

This is because gold prices have a rate of growth every year that is quite high compared to jewelry. Plus, pieces of gold bullion are smaller than gold jewelry.

“The average piece of gold jewelry from the store is 20% of the purchase price. If the bar depends on Antam, the price (payback) goes up or down, "Jerry continued.

Finally, before deciding to invest in a gold bar or gold jewelry, you can consider the gold certificate that Antam owns. Antam is currently the only gold producer to have certification on the London Gold Association (LBMA) market in Indonesia.

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