Friday , October 22 2021

Develop the latest features, Google Maps can be used to report accidents


BANGKAPOS.COM – Google is developing a new feature for its Google Maps.

This feature is an accident report on the highway, similar to the Waze accident.

This is known to many users who accidentally found this feature on Google Maps, the Android version.

With this feature, users can report accidents via the menu at the bottom.

In addition to accident reports, some users also found other speed trap reporting functions.

Speed ​​traps are usually used by the police to monitor the speed of a moving vehicle.

If you exceed the limit, the police will intervene to collect it. The report function in Google Maps has been summed up by KompasTekno from Android Police, Wednesday (11/07/2018), the two functions of this report are still in the testing phase involving only a few users.

Google has not officially announced these two functions publicly.

KompasTekno also did not find two features mentioned in Google Maps Android for the region of Indonesia.

It's also not clear when Google releases them all over the world.

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