Friday , April 16 2021

Deputy Governor of DKI reveals two reasons not to fire the crowd at Habib Riziek’s event, AKAKARTA – The Deputy Governor (Wagub) of the AKI Akakarta, Riza Patria, explained that there are two negative potentials if the officers disperse the crowd at the Prophet’s birthday event held by the Islamic Defender (FPI).

In addition to celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, FPI frontman Habib Riziek Shihab held his daughter’s wedding on the same day.

“What has been done is impossible to dissolve, if it is dissolved there are two negative potentials. First, there is physical contact, there will be a spread of the Corona virus. Second, there can be conflict, even chaos is not good,” Riza said in the Mata Najva event, quoted on Thursday (Thursday). 19/11/2020).

Seeing this situation, the provincial government of DKI took steps to mitigate and implement prevention. Gerindra’s party politician is known to have attended the FPI’s birthday.

However, Riza did not know that he would attend Habib Riziek’s event. This is because the party that invited him was Habib Ali Abdurrahman Ajsef.

Riza admitted that she often received invitations for the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, he attended the invitation.

“I was surprised to see a lot of people, because usually the prophet’s birthday was not crowded and he was carrying out health protocols,” he explained.

Since he was already present, Riza said he took the opportunity to remind the crowd and organizers to continue implementing health protocols.

“On that occasion, I used it to say that I should implement the Covid-19 protocol and so on. “I also told the committee not to keep their distance, so all the masks were run in the campaign,” he explained.

Regarding the issue of dissolution, Riza revealed that according to the prevailing laws, the government has no authority to dissolve an event.

The only thing the DCI provincial government can do is provide a complaint, such as the letter we received. In addition, local governments can also close, seal business premises, etc.

“Indeed, the number of people gathered has reached thousands. “That is why it is impossible for us to disperse,” Riza said.

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