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BKN Maintaining selection of CPNS classification

JAKARTA ( – The National Civil Service Agency (BKN) states that it is still implementing sentence in the selection of 2018 public officials (CPNS) to create a state civilian apparatus that has high competences for the next 30 years.

The head of BKN, Bima Haria Vibisan, told reporters in Malang City, East Java, on Friday (16/11/2018), said: sentence so that civil servants (PNS) have high competences. Because in the next 10-20 years Indonesia will enter the era of 4.0 and digital industries.

Accordingly, civil servants are needed to carry out their duties in that era. Therefore, the issue of CPNS selection was deliberately adapted to future needs, despite many protests.

"Those who take the test for a child now, the next 30 years will lead Indonesia, that's why their competences can not be careless," he said.

For this reason, the CPNS selection threshold will not be lowered, even if it exists gap the amount of diplomas is quite high between ministries and institutions with provincial districts / cities.

Gap this is due to differences in the competences of human resources (HR) at the central and regional level. Nevertheless, there is still a solution through cracking.

He explained that the high completion rate in ministries and institutions reached 20%, which proves that from the point of view of the problem there was no problem. On the contrary, in the province / regency / city, this decrease falls, namely in the western region by 3.5%, in the middle by 2.75% and in the East by 1.75%.

"Is gap important between the region and the center, but this is not a bad test. It is a mistake to prepare input data so that their competences may be different, "he said.

This, he continued, became the next homework so that educational standards could be better. For the government, height gap Central competence with the region does not mean moving away from the vacuum of HR.

"The solution in the regions should not be left empty, it must be filled." The largest formation of teachers and health professionals, "he said.

Government efforts are now applicable sentencehe said, he is expected to encourage society to compete in this way fair.

"The teacher can not remain empty sentence disclosed, will get government officials and teachers who are electors (bad), teachers are not qualified. Of course, we do not want our children taught by poor quality teachers. The teacher must be good, "he said.

For him, refuse sentence is not an option. But for those who take part in the test with values ​​that do not meet the standards, while on the other hand there are those who have high scores, then you will do a crack. "We're doing a ranking for solutions that fill in empty fields." We can see how clean the gradation is – he said.

The solution does not mean the implementation of the backup system. Although later the basic competence selection test (SKD) is parallel, all participants must pass the existing tests until the completion of other competency tests.

"There is no reserve, but the deadline has passed 1 and 2," he concluded, hoping that the last assessment of CPNS 2018 Basic Competency Selection (SKD) in Malang met with a positive grade.


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