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Bhayangkara FC vs Persipura, Mutiara Hitamam complains about the conditions on the pitch – Persipura Dzhayapura lost 2-0 to meet BJLC in the 2018 season of the League 1 at the PTIC Stadium, Jakarta, on Monday, November 19, 2013.

The coach of Persipura, Osvaldo Lesa, said his team lost because he could not develop the game due to poor conditions at the PTIC stadium.

From the observation of, field conditions are not really good in some areas of the terrain, especially on the middle side.

"It's normal in the game to win and lose, but tonight we play less quickly," Osvaldo Lesa said while giving a statement to the media after the match.

"We used to be players before, if we played soccer over it, it was difficult for Persipura," he added.

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The Brazilian coach said the Black Pearl, nicknamed Persipura, was forced to play the ball to avoid poor conditions on the pitch.

"We played close and short and we had to play wings. However, there was no Womsiwor, we changed the formation because playing in the middle was difficult," he said.

"The field conditions make it difficult for us to move in the middle. Today, Bhayangkara successfully used the set, they were successful," he said.

The two goals of Bhagangara were created from sets, such as the first goal of Alsan Sanda from Lee Younon's free kick.

Then, the second goal at the same time was last printed by Herman Jumofo over the white dot. (M Robani)

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