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Best build for Aurelion Sol LoL: Wild Rift

Aurelion Sol is one Wild Rift Champion strong enough. This champion will be sicker if he uses the Aurelion Sol Wild Rift Build according to the skills he has. This dragon-like champion has a number of abilities that can destroy enemies at once.

Armed with a large area of ​​skill, plus magic, this champion is perfect to wear. As a carrier or pest, Aurelion Sol is very capable of weakening the opposing champion. But to be safe wearing, of course, you need good skills and experience.

Well, for those of you who are still confused or want to learn Aurelion Sol. Dafunda game summed up Aurelion Sol’s best build and explanation of his skills. Without much fuss, here is the review for you.

Skill Aurelion Sol Wild Rift

Before we start discussing the best cities of Aurelion Sol, it is good that you first know about each of the skills that this champion has. Because these champions have complex skills, we have prepared combinations that you may be able to apply. For combo skill, you can watch the following video:

The following is an explanation of Aurelion Sol’s skills:

  • Center of the universe (Passive skill): The starry orbit around Aurelion Sol, causing 18 magical damage (18 + 25% AP).
  • Star voltage surges (Skill 1): Shoot a newborn star and it will explode when it reaches the outer limit. The move star expands as it moves, dealing 65 magical damage (65 + 65% AP) and stunning for 0.4 to 1.6 seconds based on time apart. You can use this skill again to activate the stars early.
  • Celestial expansion (Skill 2):
    Passive: The stars increase the damage by 5.
    Active: Pushes the stars to the outer limit for 3 seconds, causes them to orbit faster and does 30 magical damage (20 + 35% AP + 10). When the star retreats, Aurelion Sol gains 40% movement speed in 2 seconds.
  • A bold change (Skill 3):
    Passive: Gradually increase your Speed ​​while moving in the same direction, up to 40%.
    Active: Fly, gain the ability to see and walk over walls for 9 seconds. Damage to the champion ends the flight.
  • Voice of light (Bottom): Exhale stars, inflict 150 magical damage (150 + 70% AP) and have 40% fun. Affected enemies are knocked out of the outer limit.

Build an Aurelion Sol Wild Rift

Build an Aurelion Sol Wild Rift
Build Aurelion Sol Wild Rift | LoL: Wild Rift

These items will give maximum damage to Aurelion Sol, these items will provide magic, cool down, damage bonus and more. Of course, this item will complement the things that Aurelion Sol really needs.

Condition items

In fact, the entire Aurelion Sol build above is effective for all champion roles. This is because these items have already done deadly damage to low-profile champions.

To combat tanks, there is already an item “Leandris Torment” that will torment tanks. Meanwhile, if you are fighting a fighter, you only need to add 1 or 2 defense items so that it will last longer when you fight him.

Rune and magic Aurelion Sol

Runa Aurelion Sol
Runa Aurelion Sol | LoL: Wild Rift

You can use runes for Aurelion Salt Electric shock which will provide bonus damage, Weakness which will impede the movement of the opponent. in the meantime Regeneration will give you a bonus regen HP or mana, A genius hunter will reduce your vacation.

Spell Aurelion Sol Wild Rift
Spell Aurelion Sol Wild Rift | LoL: Wild Rift

You can use Aurelion Sol for magic Burn which is useful for burning enemy HP with real damage. You can use it for the second magic Shine, to chase an opponent or escape.

Best construction Aurelion Sol
The best construction Aurelion Sol | Games with riots

So, this is a discussion of the Best Aurelion Sol Wildlife Construction that you can implement. If you can control this Champion properly, then Aurelion Sol will be a very terrible Champion. Make sure you keep an eye on it Dafunda game to get tips other interesting things about LoL: Wild Rift.

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