Wednesday , June 23 2021

An error in the transaction system, Instagram Netizens attacks BNI


JAKARTA – The society complains about the system of transactions Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) today because it can not function properly.

Many complaints were also transmitted through comments to the official account of BNI Instagram, @ bni46. Some customers complain that they can not check balance sheets, transfers, M-banking, even withdrawal money.

Customers also complain that they can not appeal to the BNI telephone center due to national holidays.

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A customer @ riddigital complained that he could not withdraw cash from his ATM's BNI.

"Why is mbanking and withdrawing money, bro? Please, help the child, the gap is that cash wants to go to the bank immediately, to complain, but again on vacation. It is often very bad, this error @ bni46,

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One of the users, @Iindrawati8831, also complained that he could not contact the BNI Call Center for filing complaints.

"@Irsa_dm, how come, right? But, to the call center, it can not be, while money is urgent, this day will be used @ bni46, what is this ???

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