Monday , May 17 2021

Already forgotten and Liang Tomb ready, Rasyidin Body re-taken for RSUD, blood still decreases

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM-With the event that attracted the attention of people happened in the village of Pasi Yambu, Kavai XVI District, West Aceh, Friday (25.01.2015) afternoon.

The body of Raseidin, 62, who was attacked and ready to be buried at once, was returned to the regional General Hospital "Cat Nyak" (DUSD), Dien Meulubih.

Because of the problem, the family found irregularities in the body of the trunk, namely bleeding on the head.

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In addition, a member of the family who felt his neck said that Raseidin was still alive because there was a pulse in the veins.

The story starts when Rashidin, who is enrolled as a resident of the village of Lammas, Kerataia County, Banda Aceh, was taken home in his hometown because he died on Friday (1/25/2019) around 05:00 WIB.

The retired teacher was taken home to his family home in the village of Pasi Yambu, the district of Cavai XVI, West Aceh.

The news of Rashidin's death was published in Meunasa Gamgun Pasi Yambu, so that the residents and relatives came to collect in the house of Rasidin's parents, pending the arrival of the body.

The tomb is also ready.

The situation got excited when the body arrived around 4:30 pm WIB.

Families who want to see the fuselage feel suspicious because they find irregularities, namely the blood that throws on their heads.

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