Sunday , October 17 2021

Afternoon, 90th Anniversary Festival Add Crowded

JAKARTA, – Thousands of spectators have begun rivaling at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, on Saturday (11/10/2018), venue for the 90s Festival.

The audience started arriving from the opening of the entrance to the 90's festival venue at 2:00 PM WIB.

Meanwhile, the queue of viewers who want to enter the 90's Festival began to appear at 3:00 PM WIB.

The organizers, who were wearing white and yellow uniforms, helped lead the audience so that the line would not get tangled up.

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In the 90's festival concert itself, there will be musicians from the 90s. Some of them are Sheila On7, / rif and Padi Reborn.

For the PADI Reborn team, it is planned to arrive at 22.10 WIB, while / at 21.55 WIB. Then Sheila He will entertain the public at 23.10 WIB.

Until now, the audience has been entertained by several performers, such as Protonema on the FWD Stage and Fatur Nadil on the MLDSPOT Stage.

Not only did the different bands that they performed, the organizers also revived the event with various properties that were related to the 90s era, such as the opel used in the soap opera Si Doel Anak Sekasiswa and various posters designed in the 1990s.

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