Thursday , October 21 2021

After 4 years, the release date for Crackdown 3 was revealed


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Over 4 years ago since it was disclosed E4 2014 next. And after the passage of many delays, finally the release date Crackdown 3 was disclosed along with fashion 5v5 multiplayer. Many people think that this game will be released on February 15 later.

But is it possible Microsoft will he put it down for the fourth time? What we feel is impossible because it will make the fans feel disappointed for the fourth time. What's more, fashion 5v5 multiplayer was announced on Microsoft 2018 yesterday right Destroy the ball. Of course, related to the title, later we will destroy skyscrapers, streets and your opponents.

You can watch the movie below. Furthermore, Microsoft will issue a specification PC play this game this weekend. So this game will not be postponed for the fourth time and will be officially released on February 15 later. After 4 years, the game the fans are waiting for will appear in a few months.

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