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200 years from the first recording, this is interesting information about Leonids Meteor Rain

[ad_1] – Rain of meteorites is an interesting phenomenon that can be immortalized, whether using cell phones or recording devices. This event looks like a fireball that floats in the sky and then disappears.

Meanwhile, meteor shower occurs because a piece of the comet burns when it enters the Earth's atmosphere. There are meteor showers, which appear regularly every year, there are also those that occur for dozens or even hundreds of years.

On November 12, 1799, the first meteor shower was registered by people. A meteor named Leonid was decorating the sky that night.

Over 200 years of recording the first meteor shower is an interesting fact about the Leonid meteorite rain:

1. Recorded by American scientists

The first meteor shower ever recorded in the United States. Astronomers and archaeologists named Andres Ellicott Douglass saw a meteor shower on a Florida Keys ship.

After seeing the rain, Douglass wrote in a note from the first state when he saw the phenomenon.

The journal of the magazine inspired everyone to study astronomy about meteors.

2. Occurs in November

2001 Leonid meteor shower in Arizona 2001 Leonid meteor shower in Arizona

Leonid meteor showers occur every year in November. This event occurred exactly when the Earth's orbit crossed the orbital comet Tempel-Tuttle that runs around the Sun every 33 years, leaving behind a trail of rubbish.

When the Earth's orbit crosses this trail of debris, pieces of comet fall to the surface of the planet. The air resistance in the Earth's atmosphere causes the comet's petals to heat up and ignite in a burning fire ball called a meteor.

Reporting with Space.comfragments of comets are grains of sand or peas, so they tend to burn completely before hitting the surface of the earth.

Flakes reaching the ground are called meteorites, but the meteorite rain of the Leonids does not seem to produce meteorites.

3. Leo constellation

It's called the rain of Leonid meteorites, because the meteors that shot out emerged from the center of the radians above the Leo constellation. In November at night, constellations can be seen in the north-east.

At that time fragments from the comet Tempel-Turttle moved against the movement of the earth.

The earth revolution will bring the Earth closer to the place where the remains are located, allowing some debris to enter the earth's atmosphere and burn and look like light bullets.

4. Seen by the naked eye

Meteors are visible to the naked eye, so you do not need special equipment to see them when the weather is clear.

The speed of the meteor that can accelerate can reach 72 km / h. Sometimes it creates a long light path with white, blue or green shades.

The storm of Leonid meteorites in 1833 was so strong and 200,000 unusual meteors were seen in the night sky for an hour. Panic has spread in the United States.

Records show people who describe the sky as burning "with many people who believe that the end of the world is that night."

5. Measuring fine sand

Although meteoroids are usually of varying sizes from grains of sand to large stones, Leonids mainly consist of 'fine' sand or of marble-sized remnants that usually burn about 96 kilometers above the earth's surface.

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