Tuesday , February 25 2020
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Water Idea's chief executive speaks to staff to calm their nerves

MUMBAI: Vodafone Idea's Dr Ravinder Thakar, on the first such video call since the takeover, met 10,000 Telco employees in a bid to calm his nerves after the Supreme Court's Adjusted Gross Income (AGR) order left the boy faced with questions about her future, say people familiar with the matter.

Takar on Thursday detailed the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the government's view to include non-essential items in the calculation of the AGR, leaving Teleko to face additional legal fees of over 39,000 kronor, in license fees, for use charges. spectrum (SUC), penalties and interest. Including the Vodafone idea, some 15 telecoms look to add tariffs of over 1.3 Rs.

"He (Takar) came out of the board meeting shortly and told the staff that the company hopes for relief for the government sector," the person said.

Later in the day, Teleco reported a mammoth loss of 50.921.9 RUR for the fiscal second quarter, reduced by provisions for statutory fees paid to the AGR.

The new CEO of Vodafone Idea also pointed to a letter from Vodafone Group CEO Nick Fita to the government, clarifying his statements on the future of the Indian venture.

While Litai was widely quoted as questioning the future of Vodafone idea, in addition to additional fees and in the absence of government relief, UK telecommunications chief Major Clar clarified to the government that he was wrong, and that he designated the sector.

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