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Virat Kohli will aim to reach Day 3 mark 2 – First Cricket News

India vs South Africa, IVEIVO Cricket Test, Test Match, 2 Day in Pune, Latest News: On the opening day in Pune, Virat Kohli conquered the boom and decided to weep. The terrain offered ran and the Indian top line ensured they finished the day at the top. Majang Agarwal scored another test touchdown, his second in as many matches as Heteswar Pujara made a valuable contribution of 58.

1 day report: Mayank Agarwal hit his second consecutive hundred as India reached 273-3 on the stump against South Africa on the first day of the second Test on Thursday.

After 215 in the first Test, Agarwal was out of 108 as he raced India's first Indian hurdles before bad light ended the game with 4.5 left in the day. The opener faced 195 deliveries and hit 16 fours and two sixes.

Virat Kohli and Ajinka Rahane added 75 races to the undefeated partnership in the fourth. Kohli is unbeaten at 63, Rahane is not 18.

Kohli won the shot and decided to bathe. India reached lunch at 77-1 and went to tea at 168-2.

After tea, Agarwal hit Keshaw Maharaj (0-89) for a back-to-back sixteen to reach the nineties and race to his milestone. But he fell shortly thereafter, catching the first moment he slipped on the Cagizo Rabada (3-48) tablet, which was South Africa's poorest day and took all the spirits.

The ball tumbled under the gray sky amid the threat of rain. The spotlights were largely in the final session. Kohli and Rahane have denied South Africa a chance to make further instructions as they put up 50 of 114 balls.

The couple took time to calm down before Kohli began playing the trademarked footage. He struck out 10 batters during his 105 balls and failed his 24th Test half-century of 91 deliveries.

Earlier, Agarwal put in 138 second braid races with Sheteshwar Puljara, 58, who was fired before tea.

Agarwal became only the second open after Virander Shawag (2009-10) to score a hundred back-to-back Test against South Africa.

"I'm very happy to be back in the hundreds," Agarwal said. “The team is in a good position. Opening up relationships is about mental discipline. 450-500 will be good (first links) to put pressure on South Africa. "

Agarwal and Pujara, who rallied at 25-1 after Rohit Sharma captured the 14th, dominated the second session with Pujara controlling the sponsors. Puyara, who hit nine fours and sixes, achieved his 22nd half-century test.

The South African roster to play an extra pacifier did not work. Erich Nortye (0-60) proved to be an expensive test debut while Senuran Mutsuami (0-22) hit just six overs.

In the morning Rabada used moisture from the early morning and a greenish shade on the ground to release Sharma cheaper.

India have a 1-0 advantage in a three-match series after winning the first Test in Visakhapatnam to 203 races.

India made one change, attracting upbeat scorer Ummesh Chadav to the post of midfielder Hanuma Vihari. Chadav last played a test in Perth in December 2018 during a tour of India in Australia.

South Africa has left director Dane Piet.



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