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The Arctic may have its oldest and densest "last iceberg" by 2030. making summer without ice flies

With climate change and global warming repeatedly proving not to be a 'scam', a new study now finds that the oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic is melting twice as fast as the entire Arctic.

A new study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, found that the ice in the Arctic Ocean in northern Greenland thawed earlier than expected.

According to a report in SciTechDayin fact, it is now predicted that the Arctic summer will become ice-free by 2030.

The study further states that a warm Arctic environment has already been created, leading to a younger ice pack.

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"There are some differences in the changing nature of the iceberg between the eastern and western parts of the Last Ice Age, which include different timing of the annual minimum ice thickness, as well as specific ice patterns for movement associated with the ice thickness acreage," the study added.

According to the National Center for Snow and Ice, much of the ice covering the Arctic is only one to four years old.

Kent Moore, an atmospheric physicist at the University of Toronto, said: "We cannot treat the Last Ice Area as a monolithic area of ​​ice that will last a long time," SciTechDay as he said

"Finally, the Last Ice Zone will be the region that will relate the Arctic to wildlife. If we lose all the ice, we will lose those species. This area will be a refuge where species can survive and hopefully expand their regions once the ice begins to return, "Moore added.

Reiterating a similar sentiment, David Barber, an Arctic climatologist at the University of Manitoba in Canada, said these results were illuminated by the fact that the Arctic is a dynamic area, the report added.

Barbee, who was not part of the study, added: "Historically, we have thought of this place as an area receiving ice."

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