Tuesday , September 22 2020

Sushmita Sen tears her eyes after listening to her 10-year-old daughter's essay on "Adopting a Child from the Orphanage" | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood


At a time when Sushmita Sen was at the forefront of success, she broke the barriers of stereotypical parenting by becoming a single mother and adopting two adorable baby girls. Today, we can see a look at their wonderful upbringing through the video with the heart of Sushimita's daughter Alice. In videos shared by the actress, her 10-year-old can be seen reading excerpts from her assignment 'Adopting a Child from an Orphanage' in which she goes on to say that you have the right to adopt because you have the right to be lucky. in your life. "She goes on to tell her mother that she wrote everything on her own, leaving Sushmita speechless. In her title, the actress revealed that her daughter's essay was in tears.

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