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Sonya Gandhi to preside over a key Congress, met today when the NHP set a deadline to ask for power before 8:30 pm


Forming the Government of Maharashtra MODERN UPDATES: Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari, issuing a statement inviting the Nationalist Congress Party (NHP) to form a government in the state, said: "Despite spending 16 days, no party or party alliance has come up with the required letter of support. from the partners of the alliance to form the government. "

BJP leader Sudir Mungantivar referred to the tumultuous political situation in Maharashtra on Monday, as Lively Sena and the NDP made outrageous attempts on Monday to form a coalition government together. After a meeting of senior BJP leaders, Mungantivar said: "The meeting of the key BJP team is over. The meeting discussed the political situation in the country. Accordingly, the BJP takes a "wait and see" attitude.

A Nationalist Congress Party (NDP) delegation reached Raj Bahavan at a meeting with Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari after reports claiming that the government had invited the party led by Harad Pawar to stand for forming a government.

"At 8:30 pm, the governor called us and asked me to come meet him. Together with Jagan Bhajbal, Jayanth Patil and others, I'm going to meet him. We have no idea why he called us. The governor is an important person, so we will get to know him. "

NFP leader Ajit Pavar spoke to the media shortly after reports claimed that the Maharashtra governor had invited the NFP to include the claim of forming a government in the state. Pawar said a delegation of party leaders, including Hagan Bhujbal, would meet with Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari.

He also said: "We do not know why they are invited to form a government, I do not know the agenda, now we will talk to the governor."

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari retained the ball rolling into the political situation in Maharashtra on Monday and invited the NDP led by Harad Pawar to form a government after Shiv Sena failed to prove support from other parties, the report said.

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari issued a statement on Monday clarifying that Mr Seena's request to extend the deadline for seeking a government share was rejected because the party was unable to provide the "necessary letters of support". from Congress and the NHP.

"A living Senate delegation met with the governor and expressed his readiness to form the government. However, they could not provide the necessary letters of support. They submitted a letter requesting a three-day extension to submit the letters of support. The governor has expressed the inability to give further extension, ”the statement said.

Lively Sena for MPA Aditya Thackeray briefed the media on the party's talks with Maharashtra governor Bhagat Singh Kosiyari on Monday. He said that within 24 hours of receiving the letter to the governor for a shareholder request, they had discussions with Congress and the NDP about the possibility of extending support.

"We are ready to receive a letter of support from Congress, the NDP. But we have expressed our readiness to form the Maharashtra government to the governor. We asked for another two days to accept the request, and although the governor personally rejected the request, it was not rejected on paper, "he said.

At a meeting of the CWC, chaired by interim Congress President Sonya Gandhi, the party reportedly decided to offer "outside support" to Lively Sena and the NDP in forming the Maharashtra government.

Sources have been quoted by ANI as saying that eConpres will support LiveSena and the NHP, both sides have been informed. "The proceedings are over," the statement said.

Reports also quoted Congress leader KJ Vengupal as saying that no letter of support had been sent to Living Sena, even though Living Sena leaders are currently in Rajasthan to meet with Maharashtra Governor.

Lively Sena, led by Udav Tuckerway, is likely to ask Mahrashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiyari for a 24-hour extension of the deadline given for a government-run benchmark. The Lively Senna leaders' multi-car convoy has just reached Raj Bhavan at a meeting with the governor, reports said.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), an ally of Congress that is considering joining the Living Senate in a coalition government, has asked a senior Living Senate member to be named chief minister.

The alliance between the Living Senate and the BJP disintegrated in the days following the announcement of parliamentary election results, at the request of the former that there should be a rotational position of chief minister in the state.

The Congress, following a crucial CWC meeting chaired by interim President Sonya Gandhi in Delhi, is likely to offer "outside support" to the living Senate to form a government in Maharashtra, India today reported

The report says Sonja is not in favor of being part of the government, which is what her NDP ally, Farad Pawar, has been struggling with, but indicates a willingness to offer outside support to the party led by Udavak Thackeray.

Interim Congress President Sonya Gandhi reportedly spoke with the party's KLA Maharashtra housed in the Jaipur hotel amid a political crisis in the country. Sonja is also currently chairing a key meeting of the CWC to decide whether the party should support Shiv Sena in forming the government.

Amid political turmoil in Maharashtra, reports claim that the living Senate chief, Udav Thackeray, approached Congress interim president Sonya Gandhi, even as the CWC meeting was being held.

According to India Today, Thackeray sought Sonya's support for forming a government before the party's appointment with the state governor at 7:30 pm. Thackeray met on Monday with Congress ally NDP chief Farad Pavar.

Senior Congress leader Malikarjun Karghe also arrived at the residence of acting President Sonja Gandhi in Delhi for a meeting of senior party leader on the ongoing political crisis in Maharashtra.

The party is expected to decide whether to back Jed Sena led by Uddav Thackeray for his claim to form the government after the BJP, which won the most seats in the October election, said it was unable to prove a majority.

The Congress, with its ally the NCP, is likely to decide whether to back Shiv Sena before appointing the latter with the Maharashtra governor at 7:30 pm on Monday.

Former Prime Minister and Supreme Prime Minister Yana Dal (Secular) Deve Gouda is weighing in on the political impasse in Maharashtra on Monday, similar to the situation in Karnataka's home town of Guda after the 2018 Assembly elections.

The DD formed a coalition government with Congress after the Fed led by BS Fedyurapa failed to prove his majority. With CD Kumaraswami as the chief minister of the JD (U), the coalition government was in power just over a year before it fell after being hit by massive MPP resignations. Currently, Fediyurapa heads the country's BJP government.

On Monday, Gouda commented on the possibility of backing a Shiva Sena Congress-NPP loan backed by Uddav Thackeray, whose job application to spin the minister's chief has put him on loggers with his longtime ally, the BJP.

"If Congress gives support to the Living Senate, they should not disturb it for the next five years. Only then will people trust the Congress, "Gouda said.

"Bala Saheb gave BHP a seat in Maharashtra, LK Avandani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee went to Bala Saheb's residence and asked him for places. BJP surpassed that, so Udav Thackeray took the stand to teach them a lesson now, Kongres The NDP should destroy the GWP, "he added.

Lively Sena leader Sanjay Raut, who was at the forefront of a "junior ally "'s request for a" warrior "rotation post of chief minister after the Maharashtra assembly elections in October, was reportedly admitted to Lilavati Hospital. However, ANI report said more details are expected.

Senior members of the Maharashtra Congress are scheduled to meet with the party's MPP at 4pm, even as the meeting of the Living Senate chief, Udav Thackeray, with the NDP chief, Farad Pavar, ends in a state of unrest in state politics. .

After concluding a key meeting of the NDP, held in Mumbai, party leader Nawab Malik said they would wait for their ally Maha-agadi to make his decision in support of Lively Senna at a meeting of senior congressional leaders. at Maharashtra at 4pm in Delhi.

With Congress meeting in Delhi to discuss situation in Maharashtra, party source told CNN-News18 that state leaders Milind Deora and former chief minister Pratavir Javan are in support of the alliance with the Living Senate. Sources said that the head of the Living Senate, Uddav Thackeray, has emerged as the forerunner of the post of chief minister. It was also reported that two deputy chiefs of staff – one from the NCP and one from Congress – were likely.

Lively Sena will deliver a letter of support to Governor Bhagat Singh Kosyari at 2:30 pm. During the meeting, a living Senate delegation led by Ekanat Hinde is likely to take time to prove a majority. Later, a high-level meeting of Senna Bavan is scheduled.

Speaking at a news conference following a meeting of Live Sen leaders, Sanjay Raut addressed a news conference in which he accused the BJP of failing to keep its word in the 50:50 alliance formula. Responding to the BJP over the political crisis in Maharashtra, Root said the party by saffron offended the mandate of the people by agreeing to sit in opposition, instead of following the agreed formula to give the state a stable government. He also took the event to saffron to ignore allies in other states.

Sixteen days after the results of the Maharashtra assembly elections, the events took another spin, as the sole party and largest ally of the winning alliance, the Bahraini Janata Party, said it was unable to form a government.

The BJP informed Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari of its decision after it invited the party to show its "readiness and ability" to form a government in the state. After the procedure, Kosyari now invited Lively Senna, the second largest party, to claim power.

Announcing the BJP ruling, Maharashtra BJP President Chandrakant Patil blamed the party led by Udav Thackeray, which is inconsistent in its request for a rotating chief ministry, for "disrespect" of the popular mandate provided by the BJP and the Senate to anonymous .

"The mandate of the people of Maharashtra was for the BJP-Living Sena alliance. Senna still disrespects the mandate, so we decided not to participate in the claim to form a government. We informed our decision to Governor Bagat Singh Kosiari." Patil told reporters in front of Raj Bhavan.

He wished "good luck" to Senna if he wanted to form a government with the help of the Opposition Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party.

Meanwhile, Senna insists he will install his chief minister at all costs.

Congress has so far been reluctant to make any specific comments and is currently holding consultations. NFP senior leader Nawab Malik said the party would make a decision only after Senna leaves the NDA and formally propose seeking support for forming a government.

The story of Maha so far

The BJP and the Senate together won 161 seats in the House with 288 members, just over half of the 145. However, troubles between the Allies began after October 24 when the results were announced. After discovering that the BJP (105) could not provide the majority (145) on its own, Senna reiterated his claim for the post of chief minister. Senna argued that the BJP had promised equal share of power before the Lok Sabha elections, which, he said, meant that despite its share of seats (56), it was entitled to the chief minister for half of the mandate of the elected Assembly. However, the BJP has denied agreeing to such a deal.

Senna continued to attack his ally for 30 years while flirting with Harad Pawar's NCP. Talks with the BJP were never held, while Senna's senior leader, Raut, visited Pavar twice and called on his nephew Ajit Pavar, according to the latter. Later, Udav agreed to suspend the talks, as the BJP completely denied that the parties had ever agreed to a 50:50 power-sharing formula. "We do not work with those who think we are liars. No one has ever called the Thackeray family a liar, "Udav told reporters after Hadnavis's tirade against his party.

Hadnavis has accused Senna of endangering the alliance, saying it was hurt and shocked by Senna's altered attitude after the election. Senna's statement that the mandate is against Chadenavis, the chief minister, has subtly emphasized that his party has a better strike rate than Senna.

Hadnavis said the BJP's "strike rate" is better in 2019 than in 2014. "We contested 260 seats in 2014 and won 47 percent of the vote and 28 percent of the vote. In 2019 we contested 150 seats. We won 70% of the seats and 26% of the vote, "he said.

Senna, which competed alone in 2014, won 63 of 282 seats with a strike rate of 22.34 percent. In 2019 he fought in 126 places and won 56 with a strike rate of 45 percent.

Where do the other players stand?

The Congress, which first saw the play on the sidelines, showed signs of intent for a union.

While senior congressional leader Ashok Javan has said his party does not want the president's rule, another party leader, Milind Deora, has hinted support for an alliance with the Senate, saying the NDP and Congress should try to form a government because BJP failed. An 'attempt' like the one suggested by Deora is mathematically impossible without Senna's support for Maha-agaji Alliance.

Sanjay Nirupam was the only Congress voice to openly oppose the alliance with the Seine based on ideological differences. Nirupam said that "it seems the BJP-Living Sena Alliance is broken", and would urge his party leadership not to encourage the formation of a government with the help of the Senate because it "will not be a stable government" and Congress and NHP.

For its part, the NHP has taken a cautious path. While, on the one hand, the NDP's national chief, Pawar, insisted that the NKP is content to sit in opposition, party state chairman Nawab Malik has publicly hinted that if Sena is ready to sever all ties with the BJP, there may be room. for an alternative arrangement. Congress Secretary-General Majlikarjun Karz met with newly elected Maharashtra party party OVs residing in Jaipur on Sunday to discuss the political situation in the country, while NDP chief Farad Pavar met with some of his party in Mumbai.

A senior Congress leader, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Congress Committee across India (AICC) has at least two observers holding discussions with the KLA in Jaipur on what position the party should take in light of the impasse over forming the government. .

"Congress has to decide whether it wants to stop the BJP in Maharashtra or whether it does not care if the BJP is able to form a government. An alternative government can only be formed with the support of Congress, "he said.

He also said that Congress Secretary-General Malikarjun Karji was holding informal talks with MPA Congress Maharashtra in Jaipur in the morning.

He also withdrew suggestions that the governor might invite the Congress-NKP to form the government as a "second-largest" alliance, arguing that there is no such provision in the recommendations of the Sarkaraya Commission.

In another development, NDP chief Farad Pavar also met with some of his party leaders in Mumbai. Refusing to speak of an "alliance that is not a BJP", Pavar said he would only respond to an official congressional statement.

"I can't go through news reports about Congress's decision. I will only respond when Congress officially informs me of its decision, "Pavar told reporters.

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