Wednesday , June 23 2021

Six-time independent UP MLA Raja Bhaiya says he will promote a new opponents booking event in promotions

Lucknow The controversial politician and six-time independent MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh, also known as Raja Bhaiya, said on Friday that he would release a new opposing party in the promotions and draconian provisions of the SC / ST law.

Raja Bhaiya image file. PTI

Raja Bhaiya image file. PTI

The former minister, who now represents Kunda's electoral district, said the new party would have "Jansatta" (the power of the people) as its prefix.

Singh said that the Election Commission was asked to register the new party as "Party Jansatta", "Jansatta Loktantrik Party" or "Jansatta Dal".

The group, which is about to take part in the rally, and has not yet decided to challenge Lok Sabha's upcoming surveys, told reporters.

Singh was a minister in the state government led by Akhilesh Yadav, Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh.

He met 48 cases and was Minister of State Prison in the Samajwadi Party government.

"Today I am 25 years old in active politics, this is my sixth term as an independent MLA," said Raja Bhaiya.

He said that among the issues that will raise his party, there is the Prevention of Castors Act and the Planned Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities), which, as he said, has "draconian provisions".

The apparent reference was related to the provisions related to immediate arrests under the Act, which were diluted by the Supreme Court, but were later restored by law in parliament.

"Going to the fundamental principle of equality, regardless of whether it is a shameful crime, like rape or murder, the Dalits are treated differently and receive compensation from the government, while the general public and higher caste are overlooked," he said.

"No investigation is required under the SC / ST act prior to arrest," he said. "That should change."

"We are also against booking in a caste-based promotion," he said. "It should be based on possibilities, this is our clear position."

Asked if his party is seeking to raise higher castes that may be dissatisfied with the ruling BJP, he said he has the support of people belonging to different castes and social groups.

It is believed that Raja Bhaiya has a significant influence on voters from the upper Thakura caste.

In November 2002, the Mayawati Government has been prosecuted under the Prevention of Terrorism (POTA) against Raja Bhaiya. But in 2003, Within minutes of taking over the role of Minister Mulayam Singh Jadav, all charges against him were rejected.

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