Thursday , September 24 2020

Rafale Rafivio verdict: Supreme Court to rule on petitions seeking investigation into 36 fighter jets


The government, for its part, has denied any wrongdoing by public prosecutor KK. Venugopal appeared at the Center, protesting the petition for review.

The Center initially argued that the court could not consider these documents because they were "secret" and obtained by "unauthorized photocopying and leaking". However, the committee struck up a dispute in April and decided to hear the case on the merits. Before the court reserves its order, the government in its latest argument opposed the reopening of the Rafale case.

The Rafale case also broke center stage during the national elections when then-Congress chief Rahul Gandhi launched the Hokidar Ha ha campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, he did get in trouble after appearing to attribute his slogan to the Apex court.

The BJP filed a contempt petition against Gandhi who acknowledged that the words had never been used by the court and his imputation came at a time when he was campaigning in Ameti.

"It is fortunate that this slogan interfered with my comments and references to the Apex court order dated 15.04.2019. My statement was made in the heat of political campaigns. It has been used (and abused) by my political opponents for a project. and I deliberately suggested that this Judgment was uttered by Humanist Fort Hai! Nothing could be further from my mind, "he said in his affair.

Gandhi added: "It is also clear that no court would do that and so the reluctant references (which I regret) to the injunction and the political slogan mixed in the same spirit in the heat of the political campaigns should not be interpreted as suggesting that the court made any findings or conclusions on the matter. "

India officially took delivery of its first fighter jet when Union Minister of Defense Rainat Singh visited France last month. The planes, however, will only arrive in India by early May 2020.

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