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Overview of Pokémon swords and guards: Pokémon game for the new generation

Pokemon Sword and Shield begins like many other Pokemon adventures. You sit in your mom's house watching videos on your phone when your best friend / rival / neighbor arrives to tell you it's time to start your first Pokémon adventure. So you gather your stuff, talk to your well-wishing mom, and head out into the world as a toddler who wants to be the best. The best so far was, in fact. But going out into the world of Gallar is quite a spectacle. It's a chocolate box in the UK, channeling the vibrant Dibble Vicar, with ivy trailing through the roofs of the villa, the square hedges that set the tracks and the soft Wooloos roaming freely. It's wonderful and unusual, in the way you always hope the UK will find between Drizzle and Brexit.

Quick facts: Pokemon sword and shield

(Image Credit: Nintendo)

Release Date: November 15, 2019
Platform (s): Nintendo Switch
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo / Pokemon Company

Although you may be questioning some of the locals and how Exactly they equate to areas of the UK, there is no doubt that this is just as influenced by the British as they come. There are many characters that will call you "buddy" or "love", and if you know anything about British humor, there are plenty of jokes and talk time that will give you a few little ears here and there. It also ripples with British stereotypes – though fortunately only the good ones – and even imitates the new Pokémon with a clear British touch. I won't annoy any of the unannounced creatures for you, but wildlife is a joy to discover, especially as Pokémon kept the lid on most of the new Pokemon and their evolutions (especially if you ignored all those annoying leaks)

The power of Re

(Image Credit: Nintendo)

But more importantly, it perfectly captures the spirit of Pokémon in a way no other game in the series has done before. Although you may suspect some elements of Picasso's detective story, I can never say how Re Rome City feels. Every inch of its urban sprawl was clearly thematic, complete with references to Pokemon, Easter eggs and trivia that felt like a real celebration of the series and the mania surrounding it. And now, with Pokémon and Shield's sword, we get it in the form of a game. Each of the cities is beautifully designed to encompass an element of British culture or landscape, but it also really reflects what it would be like to live in the world of Pokémon.

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