Wednesday , August 4 2021

Over 200 hospitalized as mysterious disease attacks parts of Eluru in Andhra Pradesh | News from Visahapatnam

ELURU: Health and medical experts in West Godavari County were on trailer hooks as a group of people from different parts of Eluru the city was hospitalized with symptoms resembling epilepsy.
According to official sources, 228 people have been hospitalized. What confused the doctors who attended them was that the patients were not related and belonged to different areas of Eluru. They did not even attend or attend a joint event.

Seventy patients were discharged while 76 women and 46 children were being treated at various hospitals. Notably, most of the patients are elderly and children.
A medical expert team visited Eluru and reviewed the cases to diagnose the problem. Patients’ blood samples are tested and all reports are normal.
Patients are of different age groups. A six-year-old girl was transferred to Viajavada after her condition worsened. As a precautionary measure, an emergency medical center has been set up in Viyavada.
Health Minister Ala Nani said on Sunday: “Covid tests have been performed on patients and all reports are negative.” The minister also added that 150 beds in Eluru and another 50 beds in Viayavada are ready to deal with emergencies.
“There is no threat to life and the public should not worry about it because the government is taking all necessary measures. “Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is personally monitoring the situation,” he added.
The patients belong to the areas of the city of Kotafeta, Padamara Weedi and Vangaya Goodem. Alla Nani also visited the hospital and communicated with patients.
He also instructed the district medical and health officer to conduct door-to-door research on the affected areas and make emergency medicines available. Special medical camps will be set up in the city, he said, adding that health teams would inspect the area and see if contaminated food or water was consumed by those affected.
District Health and Medical Officer K Sunanda said all patients had symptoms such as sudden falls, foaming and trembling. Stating that the affected people recover suddenly and re-present with the symptoms, she said there was no threat to any of them.

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