Monday , June 14 2021

Manchester is blue in the foreseeable future

Two articles were the headline of this morning in the "gossip" column about the BBC. Like many others, I look closely at this, hoping that Man United will be able to persuade Messi to end his career at Old Trafford.

Today's newspaper headlines, for me, summarize now the premiership and for many years.

Manchester United will probably bid for Jordan Pickford of Everton if David de Gea refuses to sign another contract.

And Manchester City defeated Barcelona to sign Frenkie de Jong, the greatest talent that emerged from the Netherlands since the days of Patrick Kluivert and Marco Van Basten. The city hopes it is the best since Johan Cruyff. Maybe they're right.

Manchester United were not even mentioned in the history of de Jong. Barcelona thought they had another wunderkid inside who dreamed of Nou's camp. They saw him as the natural successor to Sergio Busquets. Messi's idols. But he chose the City.


Pep Guardiola. Attacking city game in football. One-year football guarantee of the Champions League. A simple class of everything City. How could de Jong resist?

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola from Man City. (AP Photo / Michael Sohn)

Juventus was mentioned as perhaps the only team that could score City. The prospect of becoming part of the growing galaxies of the Old Lady may be enough to influence de Jong. But he did not go to United.

United stayed de Gea for some time. He never supported world-class defense. Peter Schmeichel and Edwin Van de Sar before him rightly became the legends of the United Kingdom with their achievements in maintaining the goal, but they always had the support of people like Jaap Stam, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Dennis Irwin.

De Gea, like all Spanish players, had to grow up dreaming that his heritage would be measured mainly by his contribution to the legend of Barcelona or Real.

Nevertheless, he remained loyal to United and must be recognized for it. Maybe it will end soon.

And when it comes to the whole Pickford quality, if de Gea goes away, and United's defense is built around a young English goalkeeper, instead of perhaps the best in the world where it leaves United?

Exactly where Liverpool came before Klopp. In this no-man's land, where good-quality English players and moderately wealthy Europeans are considering signing a contract. Where United slides down from a row of beaks on the gossip page of the BBC, so that the "stars" with whom the United States are connected are flowing between Valencia, West Brom … and United. And in the meantime, the next de Jong, Neymars and Kanes circulate between real heavy weight, Bayern, Real, Juve, Barca …. and the city.

United has been working on evolution beyond Matt Busby for decades. Liverpool seemed to be doing the same, going beyond Paisley.

Klopp begins to change it for the "pool". Is Mourinho able to do this for United? David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal. United have not achieved success.

If it lasts long enough, it will become self-fulfilling and Manchester will become blue for the next decades.

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