Sunday , September 20 2020

Maharashtra's music chairs: Congress suffocates, governor leaves Senna, NHP reports | India news


MUMBAI: Amid huge political slogans and high drama, Shiv Sena emerged from his long-running alliance with the BDP on Monday but suffered a bodily blow when trying to rally the Maha Shiv Agadi government – which included Shiv Sena and NF Congress – could not produce letter support until 7.30 pm and Governor BS Kosiari declined more time.
Soon, the governor called on the head of the NKP legislature's Ajit Pavar party to Raj Bhavan and asked him to indicate within 24 hours whether his party was "ready and able to form a government". The NHP has said it will hold meetings with Congress before making a decision.
The events of the day meant that even 18 days after the election results, the people of Maharashtra had no government. It turned out that despite Senate chief Udav Thackeray meeting with Pavar and calling on Sonya Gandhi, the party was unable to secure letters of support from Congress and the NDP, although it said it had "in principle" support from both. . "At the request of the NDP, not only our cabinet member left the government, but Lively Senna is not out of the NDA. Now, we are nowhere. We are amazed at the stance of the Congress and the NCP, "the Senna leader said.
However, sources say, the party has not given up all hope and is considering moving the high court against the governor's tough decision. Congress Secretary-General Avinash Pande has said that Raj Bhavan has not rejected Senna's claim and his party is still ready to support a Sena-led government in co-operation with the NDP. "We felt that before making a big decision, more consultation was needed, especially on the conditions. We hope that Maharashtra will have a government made up of the Living Senate, the Congress and the NDP, we have not rejected the proposal, "Pande said.
On Monday night, Senate leader Aditya Thackeray, accompanied by leading party lawmaker Ekatan Hinde, sent a letter to Kosyari, saying the party has the support of lawmakers needed to form the government and is demanding more time. But Thackeray failed to provide letters of support, and Kosiari rejected the request for extension. "The governor has expressed the inability to provide further extension," the official statement said.
On Monday, it began with Senna's only union minister, Arvind Savant, who resigned from Prime Minister Modi's government in Delhi, signaling the exit of the NDP's most senior BJP ally. That was a condition the NHP had set, and soon Thackeray, who emerged as the CM candidate, met with Farad Pavar at a city hotel.
In Delhi, the working committee of the Congress met in support of the Senate-led government. It seemed unconvincing, and soon Thackeray summoned Sonya, and in a seven-minute conversation it is said he sought congressional support. But this and Pavar's interactions with Sonya and Ahmed Patel did not produce a positive result. Congress held another meeting with state leaders, and then issued a letter stating that more talks were needed with ally NFP before deciding on its course of action.
On Tuesday, the NCP will have to play its cards. "Ajit Pawar received a call from Raj Bhavan in the evening. When he went there, he was handed a letter requesting that he be ready to form a government within 24 hours, "said party spokesman Navab Malik. He was not committed to asking the NDP to seek support from Congress and the Senate. "I'm not sure if Lively Senna will support us," Malik said.
AICC Secretary General Pande felt Raj Bhavan had not rejected Senna's claim, he had just refused to extend the submission of letters of support. "In our opinion, the living Seine's claims are still upheld and Raj Bhavan will have to accept if the living Seine submits supporting documents," Pande said.
After meeting with the governor, Adita Thackeray said: "We have shown a willingness to form a government and have asked the governor for more time, as the two parties we are talking to have yet to complete the procedure. Our request for extension was rejected, but our claim remains. "He said the two parties have given" in principle "support, but it will take a few more days. "The process has begun, we will be back with everyone," he said Monday night. Senate leader Anandrao Absoul said they told the governor they had support for the 161 OGPs, including the NDP and Congress, and the smaller Allies and Independents, but they only gave a letter of support to their governor MLA.

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