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Lively Senna to skip NDA meeting on Sunday; no one can claim ownership of the union, says Sanjay Raut


Updates on Maharashtra government formation: Lively Senna will not attend NDA's weekly meeting of voters in Delhi before the winter session of parliament begins on November 18.

Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Sanaa senior leader Sanjay Raut also said that the party led by Uddav Thackeray, which leaves the BDP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).
formality now.

The tripartite meeting of the Congress, NHP and Shiv Sena delegation with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari, which was to be held at 4:30 pm on Saturday, has been postponed until further notice, the report said. ANI.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NDP), Congress and Shiv Sena are due to meet with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari at 4:30 pm Saturday to discuss the need for farmers and unemployment.

Ahead of the winter session of parliament, which is scheduled for Monday, Sanjay Raut said Lively Senna would skip a meeting of the National Democratic Party (NDA) in Delhi.

Taking a hit on the BJP, Shiv Sena argued that the saffron party, which has now lost confidence in forming a government in Maharashtra after stepping down from the start, made its intention to trade in horses under the guise of the president.

The three parties – Lively Sena, NHP and Congress – are likely to meet with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari on Saturday at 4:30 pm to discuss the "wet drought" facing state farmers.

The first-ever Living Sena-NHP-Congress alliance in Maharashtra looks set to form with Harad Pawar on Friday, announcing that the potential government will complete a five-year term and provide a development-oriented administration.

The tripartite coalition, a new experiment in Maharashtra involving clothes with diverse ideologies, will lead Senna, party leaders Udavak Thakiraj and NDP said, resolving the disputed leadership issue that resulted in the disclosure of BJP Alliance.

The three parties drafted on Thursday a draft Joint Minimum Program (FMP) that will lead the agenda of their young coalition, where politics has been widely revolved around the B-BP-Seine and Congress-NHP blocs for the last two decades.

The coalition government will end in 5 years: Pawar

    Forming Maharashtra government: Lively Sena to skip NDA meeting on Sunday; no one can claim ownership of the union, says Sanjay Raut

Photo by NFP chief Farad Pawar and Lively Sena chief Udav Thackeray.

NDP chief Harad Pawar said on Friday he would form a living Senate-NHP-Congress government and would end a five-year term, ruling out the possibility of mid-term polls in the country currently under the president's rule.

Speaking to reporters in Nagpur, Pavar said the three parties want to form a stable, development-oriented government. "There is no possibility of mid-term surveys. This government will be formed and will end in five years. We will all ensure that this government lasts for five years, "Pavar said.

Asked whether the BJP holds discussions with the NDP about forming a government in the country, the former union minister said his party holds talks only with the Senate, Congress and other allies.

Pawar also pondered how the Opposition Alliance of Congress and the NDP would form a coalition with the Living Senate, which supports Hindutva as one of its principles. He said: "But it is true, Congress or the NCP always talk about secularism. We are not against Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. But we are the people who insist on secularism when it comes to running a government. I still don't know. what was the discussion between our allies on this issue, "he said.

The former Union agriculture minister, who visited some villages in the area to assess the damage caused by crops due to untimely rains, said he would raise the issue of aid to farmers before the Center.

"Post of CM should be given to Lively Senna"

Meanwhile, Pavar's colleague and NDP spokesman Navab Malik said the post of chief minister would go to the Living Sena. "The chief minister will be from the Living Senate. He moved away from the Mahouti (Grand Alliance) on the question of the post of chief minister. It is our responsibility to respect his mood, "Malik said.

However, Pavar remained unidentified on the subject of being named chief minister. "If anyone asks for the position of chief minister, then we will think about it," the NDP chief said.

Malik was reportedly quoted as saying a government would likely be formed in 20 days. He went on to say that the final decision to form the government would be made after a meeting between Sonya Gandhi and Pavar on November 17th.

The parties will meet with Guava Maharashtra tomorrow

The three parties are also likely to meet with Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari on Saturday to discuss the "wet drought" facing farmers in the country.

He quoted Malik News18 India in rejection of media reports suggesting that the NCP, Congress and Living Senate will participate in claiming to form a government at their meeting with Kosiari on Saturday.

He said: "Yes, we will meet with the governor tomorrow. But any report suggesting that the demand for a government should be pledged is incorrect. We meet the Governor because the Maharashtra administration has been stalled since the imposition of the President's Rule.

"Several applications for funding from the chief minister's relief funds are pending. Farmers are suffering. So we will meet with the government to discuss these issues. "

Devendra Hadnavis, the former chief minister of Maharashtra, called on Kosiari on Friday and urged him to release funds to farmers affected by non-seasonal rains.

Hadenavis also called for the reopening and smooth functioning of the FM Assistance Fund through the governor's office to provide timely assistance to the poor, as the state was currently under the rule of the president. He claims that the governor has accepted his demands.

"Lively Sena will lead Maharashtra for 25 years"

Meanwhile, the living Senate leader, Sanjay Raut, said the next Maharashtra government would lead his party and that the FMP – which should be followed by senior commands of all three parties – would be in "state interest".

The saffron-led party led by Udav Thackeray will lead the government in Maharashtra for the next "25 years", not just five years, Raut claims. The Raja Saba MP responded to questions about whether his party would divide the job of chief minister with the NDP and Congress.

"Talks are under way with Congress and the NDP to develop a common minimum program that will be in the interest of the state and its people," he said. "Whether it is a one-party government or an alliance, a governance agenda is necessary. There are infrastructure projects that need to be taken forward, (and issues related to) drought, unreasonable rains (need to be addressed).

“Those who join us are experienced administrators. We benefit from their experience, "he said. Concerning the alliance with Congress, Senna's political rival until recently, Root said leaders of the country's oldest party had contributed to the struggle for freedom as well as the development of the Maharashtra.

Asked whether the Senate, post-Congress-NDP-bound, would abandon its demand for Bahrain Ratna for Hindu ideologist Weaver Sawarkar and accept a Muslim reservation, Raut avoided a direct response and said: "We know the source of such speculation."

Asked how the Senate, a party identified with Hindu politics and "anti-congressionalism", will adapt with a congressional partner, he said: "What is ideology? We work on a common minimum welfare program for the state.

"(Former Prime Minister) Atal Bihari Vajpayee led a union of parties that came together on a common minimum program. In Maharashtra, Harad Pawar led a Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) (1978-80) government of which Jan Sang, the former Prime Minister part. There have been cases in the past when parties of different ideologies came together, "he said, justifying Senna's efforts to overthrow the ruling coalition with Congress and the NDP, against which Senna fought parliamentary polls in October.

The CUP proposal focuses on the agrarian crisis, unemployment

Environmental management bill focuses on farmers and measures to tackle unemployment, senior Congress leader quoted PTI The politician, who did not want to be named, said: "Inclusive development and justice in all parts of society are the criteria we will work on if the CUP is approved by the leadership of all three parties."

Pawar is expected to meet with Sonia, the interim chairman of the Congress on November 17 in New Delhi, where a final decision on forming the government is likely to be made.

Senna reached the congressional-NPP combine to form a government after her request to share the post of chief minister and equal distribution of portfolios was rejected by the BJP, its ally in pre-election politics.

The BJP and the Senate, which won the union's October 21 election, secured a comfortable majority by winning 105 and 56 seats, respectively, in the 288-seat Assembly, with a 145 majority.

Congress and the NCP, allied alliances prior to the election, won 44 and 54 seats, respectively. The president's rule was imposed in the country on Tuesday after Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari sent a report to the Center, which said that forming a stable government is impossible in the current political situation.

BJP leaders will meet

Amid meetings between Shiv Sena, the NHP and Congress to exploit the coalition government, Hadenavis and BHP state chief Chandrakant Dada Patil reportedly were due to meet with all party leaders in Mumbai on Friday.

"From district to booth leaders, lawmakers and the UVS, everyone will be present at the meeting," BDP MLA quoted Bandra West's Ashish Shellar as saying. ANI. He also said the party would reach 90,000 BPP stands in order to strengthen them. MPP and party lawmakers will meet with farmers to provide them with immediate relief, he added.

Hillary also dropped out of Raut for his remark that BJP President Amit Shah failed to inform Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Senate-BJP Formula 50:50, which had been ruled in Parliamentary polls in Maharashtra. "Amit Shah, Narendra Modi and Devendra Shadnavis have similar styles of work and they all work together. They (Senna) say something to create a conflict between Thackeray and Modi. But anyone can see on their televisions in the morning trying to create a conflict "Said BJP MLA.

"However, I want to tell him that he will not succeed. Sanjay Raut also has to go through several births to understand Modi and Shah. He has to think twice before saying anything about the two," he said.

Union Minister and BJP leader Nitin Gadchari also commented on the political scenario in the country on Friday and, comparing cricket policy, said "anything" could happen in both fields because those that seem that they lose the match, could actually win the game.

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