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Live Score from India vs Bangladesh, 1st Test, Day 1: 1 Live Test: Bangladesh 63/3 at lunch | Cricket news



End of 26th: And it's lunch on day 1 of the first test. Ummesh Chadav completes the final when amperes drop laws.

End of 25th: Five runs of Ishanti Sharma's penultimate run before lunch. Limit and single of that.
BAN 58/3

50 up for Bangladesh!

Mominul Jake chases wide of Ummesh Chadav. It got a thick outer edge and the ball flies over the cold region to the empty third man fence.
BAN 53/3

23.1 Redirect: Fell! A little too keen it seemed Virat was there on the third slide. Mushfiqur Rahim shoots directly into his hands, and Virat is unable to control the ball. Fails to keep it. Ummesh Chadav is disappointed with his skipper's attempt.
BAN 48/3

21.4 surge: Four! Four! Consequential limits for Mominul Jacque. And in the free region of the third man outside of Ummesh Chadav. He plays it with soft hand ads and gets the desired result on both occasions.
BAN 47/3

17.6 redirects: OVER! Mohammed Jamie joins the wicket party. He got rid of Mohammed Mitoun for 13. Traps him right in front of the stumps. Mytun initially thought about going for a review, but the skipper Muminul advised against it. Mitoun takes a long walk back.
BAN 31/3

16.3 overs: Fell! This was a very difficult opportunity, but it had to be done by Ajinkya Rahane standards. Mohammad Mithun shoots the ball away from Ashwin and slips between the goalkeeper and the first slip. Mitun also used 2.
BAN 25/2

End of 15th: A neat start by Ashwin. Just a few of his first. Changing ends for Mohammed Jami.
BAN 22/2

Change in bowling from India! Ravichandran Ashwin takes the attack.

13.6 Redirects: LBW Overview from India! The original decision by Judge Rod Tucker is not out, but Ummesh Chadav thinks the ball first hit the ramp before getting the bat. And he was right, but the impact was the call of an omir who saves Mohamed Mitoun this time. Good review from India but Mithun survives.
BAN 20/2

A prolonged spell for Ummesh Chadav as he enters his seventh trumpet bowl.
BAN 19/2

Drinks broke!

Another good from Mohammed Jami is coming to an end. And the first hour of the game was over. The drinks are out in the middle. Bangladesh has 19 races on the losing board with 2 wickets after 13 overs. India bowled 7 girls out of 13 in the first hour.

11.3 redirects:
Imperial Rod Tucker gives Ummah Shadav first warning of coming in dangerous area. And, immediately, Umes switches to braiding around.

End of 11th: First edited by Mohammed Jami. Two singles and a couple of that. Ummesh Shadav will continue from the other end.
BAN 17/2

Change bowling for India! Mohammed Jami replaces Ishant Sharma.

End of 10th: Another examination by Ummesh Shadav ends. Both Ishant and Umesh ask a lot of questions. Both Mohammed Mitoun and jumper Mominul Jake want to see the new ball at the moment.
BAN 13/2

6.6 redirects: OVER! Ishant Sharma is also striking from the other end. Wicket on the last ball of the goal. The weakened edge of Fadman Islam and wicket keeper Wriddhiman Saha did not disappoint. Finishes easy catch. Bangladesh lost both openings. Islam returns after scoring 6 rounds.
BAN 12/2

5.6 overs: OUT! And finally, India and Ummesh Chadav have made this progress! Bangladesh are losing their first braid. Off the ring and Imrul Casey finishes directly on Aykinja Rahane on a third slip. Casey leaves at 6.
BAN 12/1

5.4 Redirects: Four! Widespread magic by Ummesh Chadav and Imrul Kay did not waste time on it. He throws the bat at him and the ball is racing into a fence from behind.

4.2 overs: Four! First day's limit for Bangladesh. Full-length deliveries from Ishant Sharma and Fadman Islam go upstream. It got a thick outer edge and the ball raced to the third man's fence.
BAN 6/0

3.2 redirects: And Bangladesh is finally close after 19 balls. Imrul Casey delivered the Umeh Shadav delivery on one hand for a comfortable single.
BAN 1/0

End of 3rd year: Another examination by Ishant Pharma is over. Both Ishant and Ummesh Chadav are asking a lot of questions right now with the new ball. Both Indian patients were well on their way and off the field. Another girl over.
BAN 0/0

1.1 diversion: What a start from Ummesh Chadav! First, affafa appeared. Cut Imrul Casey in half as he passed through a bat and ramp. Casey had no idea. The ball just passes over the top of the middle stump.
BAN 0/0

End of 1st year: Girl start by Ishant Sharma. Ends all over the wiper again. Ummesh Chadav will share the new ball with Ishant from the other end.
BAN 0/0

0.1 overs: And immediate defender Marais Erasmus is considering the following issues of Ishant Sharma. He wandered the field to see if Ishant's foot had landed in the dangerous area. No official warning given

Imrul Casey and Fadman Islam are in the middle to start Bangladesh. Ishant Sharma has the new ball in his hand. Three slips and a hole in place for him.

Players from both teams are out in the middle together with match officials.
Time for national anthems!

Playing XI for both teams

India: Majank Agarwal, Rohit Sharma, Hetheswar Puljara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinka Rahane, Ravindra Shadeja, Vridhiman Saha (w), Ravihandran Ashwin, Ummesh Chadav, Mohammed Shami

Bangladesh: Imrul Kays, Hadman Islam, Mohammed Mitoun, Mominul Chuck (c), Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudulahullah, Liton Das (w), Mehdi Hassan, Tayyul Islam, Abu Ayyidheid, Ebadin

Captains of the throw!

Mominul Jacque: Let's slip first. It is a little difficult and can break into fourth places. It is a great honor for Captain Bangladesh.

Virat Kohli: There's a bit of grass on it and historic Indore on day 1 was a little spicy plus we play three sailors. First we wanted to fight, but we also wanted bats to bathe in difficult conditions. Ideal for our top sailors. I think, from day 2 onwards, it will be a beautiful path to bathe. We play two sponsors, as we did for third parties. Hope is not part of this eleven and Ishant Sharma replaces it purely on the ground.

Team news: A change for India in playing XI. Ishant Sharma is replacing Shahbaz Nazem.

Throw updates: Bangladesh captain Mominul Shake conquers the boom and decides to rise to the top spot against India in Indore.

Pit report: "Looks very good on the field. The new ball players will enjoy the grass cover for the first few hours. They have good wear and fast bowls. There is also some moisture because it is a fresh field. climb first, "said Sunil Gavascar.

8.55 am: The players are currently on the field, warming up for the first day of the first Test at Falkar Stadium in Indore. In about five minutes from now we will have a throw.

8:50 pm Hello and welcome to's coverage of the Bangladeshi India Tour, which today enters its second and final match with the first Test of a two-match series.

The visitors, led by new Testing player Mominul Hake, wear a depleted look in the absence of Vice-champions Tamim Iqbal and regular captain Haqib Al Hassan; and they face a difficult question against a serious attack on India.

Bangladesh lost its last (one-off) Test in Afghanistan, while India defeated South Africa in the domestic series.

This series is also part of the World Test Champion's calendar, with the Banga Tigers launching their campaign in the newly introduced competition.

The track at Falkar Stadium has always been paradise sloppy with ridiculously short sidelines, but it is expected to have a bounce offer, which will give India's fast-trackers an extra edge.

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