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Joaquin Phoenix Joker Becomes First R-Ranked Movie, Reaches Billion US Dollars Worldwide – Hollywood

The comic book movie "Ookeroker" spent $ 1 billion (Rs 71635 million) on global ticket sales on Friday. It is now the first Hollywood movie with a rating of R, to reach a milestone.

A Forbes report says that the $ 62.5 million DC Films has surpassed the billion dollars in global gross raw materials. He further said that Ookeroker is also the biggest brutal movie ever (in gross unadjusted gross) that he has never played in China.

Okeroker, a Warner Bros.-based story about Batman's villainy on Batman, sold $ 999.1 billion as of Thursday despite not being shown in China, which is projected to become the world's largest movie market next year.

Aoakin Phoenix in the dead of the okeroker.

Aoakin Phoenix in the dead of the okeroker.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joker is the fourth DC title to surpass $ 1 billion, after Aquaman ($ 1.15 billion), The Dark Knight Rises ($ 1.084 billion) and The Dark Knight ($ 1,005 billion), with no adjustments .

Considering Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely mentally ill who is finding fame through a random act of violence, the film gained hot reviews when it opened in early October, but sparked controversy in the United States over fears it would encourage violence.

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Boxing analyst Gitesh Pandia said earlier that the Joker would reach $ 1 billion on Friday. "Absolute achievement of a J ratings movie with a modest budget and no release for China," wrote Pandia, founder and editor of Box Office Guru, on Twitter.

Her closest-ranked rivals are the 2018 movie "Deadpool 2" ($ 785 million) and "Deadpool" in 2016 ($ 783 million), Disney, starring Ryan Reynolds as a foul superhero. Thanks to a modest production budget estimated at about $ 60 million, Ookeroker is also the most profitable comic book movie ever, according to, largely due to the focus on the character's film rather than the special effects and action scenes.

The Joker is now the seventh biggest box office Hollywood movie in 2019, behind the $ 2.8 billion blockbuster action movie Avengers: Endgame and the $ 1.6 billion family film The Lion King, both by Walt Disney.

The film is expected to receive nominations in the upcoming Hollywood awards season and has inspired fans to visit the New York Bronx area where the Phoenix character transforms into a Joker, his face painted as a clown and tanned with green hair steep steps.

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