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Japanese-English pit splits against Haganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh | News about Viyavada

VIJAVAWA: Andra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy remains firm in his plan to transfer to English-medium education in government schools in the country from next academic year, a move that has alarmed opposition parties TDP, BJP and Se Ignoring "her mother tongue, telugu.
Last week, the government of the SWC Congress issued an order to convert all government government schools from Telugu and Urdu into English-language institutions. In order to "strengthen" government schools, the new plan will begin in Classes I to VIII from the 2020-21 school year and to Classes IX and X from 2021-22.
However, opposition parties have said the move is unacceptable to them. Vice President M Venkaya Naidu also joined TDP chief Jandrababu Naidu and Jana Sena leader Pavan Kalyan in opposing the move and warned Reddy that it should not be done at the expense of ignoring the telugu . The KM responded Monday by asking those who oppose his move to "introspection". Taking a dig at the Vice President and Chief of the TDP, he said: "I would like to ask Venkaya Naidu Garru, what teaching methods are being followed in the schools where his children and grandchildren were educated? I would also like to ask Chandrababu Naidu where his son studied and where his nephew goes to study? “
The KM also criticized Pawan Kalyan, who asked him to imitate his Telangana counterpart, K ​​Chandrasekhar Rao – known for aggressively protecting and promoting telugu. Taking a cue from the actor-turned-politician, who has been married three times, Hagan said, "Would you like to know where his children are studying?"
Hagan said hiring students is imperative if one is interested in eradicating poverty. He pointed out that English is a global language that can help the poor get a job in a competitive world. He said the state's illiteracy rate is 33% compared to the national rate of 27%. "And such a situation can only be resolved by focusing on primary education," the CM said.
He said studying in high school English should be the right of all departments, not the preservation of the elite. He also clarified that the compulsory subject will be taught in government schools in Telugu or Urdu, although the teaching tool will be English.
Ironically, as leader of the opposition, Hagan vehemently opposed the then TDP government's move to introduce English as a medium of instruction in several pilot schools in 2017.
The BJP stepped up its attack on Reddy on Tuesday, demanding that he apologize for his "uncertain remarks made against the vice president". State President Kana Laxminarayana said: "The option must be chosen. Turning high school into English-high school means there is no other choice. We will not tolerate it. "
While some teacher associations have welcomed the move by state authorities, others have called for the order to be withdrawn.
Organized by the Federation of Teachers, Andhra Pradesh (SHAPTO), it said in a statement: “National and international education reform committees have recommended the government to continue primary education in regional languages. Teaching in your native language will help elementary students flourish. But the government of Andhra Pradesh has ignored these proposals.

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