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J & K dissolved assembly: Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah Lizard; BJP says early polls are the best option

Jammu and Kashmir witnessed dramatic developments on Wednesday night, when the assembly was suddenly dissolved. The move followed the three main parties – PDP, National Conference and Congress – formed a covenant for claims of forming a government, followed by another offer from the Peoples' Conference supported by the BJP.

Governor Satya Pal Malik looked from various political parties for his move. Although the PDP-NC-Congress criticized him and the Center to a large extent, the BJP said it supported the polls at the earliest.

Here are some of the reactions to this question:

"The idea of ​​the Great Coalition gave the teasing"

PDP President Mehobaba Mufti said her party had been demanding the dissolution of the assembly over the past five months.

"Unexpectedly, our petitions fell on deaf ears, but who would have thought that the idea of ​​a big coalition would give such unrest," she said in a series of tweets.

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said the issuance of a governor's order that comes just a few minutes after Mufti's letter "can not be coincidental".

"Surveys the earliest best option" The BJP argued that PDP and Congress had contradictory views on the dissolution and said that the best option in Jammu and Kashmir is to conduct new polls at the Parliament as early as possible. "This assembly can not produce a stable government," said a series of tweets. He called the proposed alliance of the three parties as "a combination of fears ready for terrorism"

Leader of the BJP, Ram Madhav caused a special controversy on Thursday, claiming that the PDP and the National Conference "probably had new directions across the border (Pakistan) to come together and form a government." He later withdrew his statement after clashing with Abdullah on Twitter.

The governor's move is unconstitutional "

Implementation of the decision to dissolve the Assembly as "unconstitutional, immoral and unethical," Congressman Manish Tevary said on Thursday that it was "the killing of democracy".

"Gujarat model appealed to Malik" Congressman P Chidambaram also withdrew from Malik's decision to dissolve the Assembly.

"BJP does not care about the Constitution"

Veteran politician Sharad Yadav called on Thursday the dissolution of the assembly of Jam and Kashmir "the killing of democracy".

"Democracy was killed in Jammu and Kashmir, with the dissolution of the association. I oppose and condemn the dissolution," Yadav, who is currently leading his political clothing Lokantri Janata Dahl, formed after separating the ways of the chief minister of Bihar , Nitish Kumar, the Dalai (United) january in 2016.

Yadav said that the BPP does not care about the Constitution, nor does it have respect for the various institutions in the country.

"What is the meaning of the elections when the mandate of the people was to be shot by dissolving the Assembly? Similarly, there is no significance in the polls of local bodies when the main political parties did not participate in that," he added.

He said that several things that happened during the BJP regime are against the democracy and the mandate of the people. "People are inflated by the situation in the country. I can not understand why the ruling party does not correct its path, despite the criticism of their actions by people in all walks of life," he added.

"Center using governors like pawns"

Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijian described on Thursday as Malik's action as "undemocratic and anti-people".

The Governor has a constitutional obligation to allow the PDP to prove its majority claims. However, this was not considered, said Vijayan in the Facebook Post.

It is clear that the decision to dissolve the legislature, which has two more years during its term, was made when it became clear that a non-BJP government would be formed, he said.

He argues that the entire affair can be seen only as "a political game orchestrated by the central government using governors like pawns."

"The policy of Jammu and Kashmir to the central government is quite malicious, and the Center uses Kashmir's problems as a means of communal polarization, which will only help alienate people there," Vijayan said.

"The Center has worsened the situation in the country"

The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) condemned the breakup of the assembly. "The governor's action, dissolving the legislature, is an illegal and unconstitutional step, according to a warrant issued by the Center," the CPM said in a statement.

"The governor has no business to decide that parties with" conflicting ideologies "can not form an appropriate government … Everything the governor can do is ask the leader who claims to have majority support to prove that majority on the floor of the House.

"By taking this authoritarian measure Narendra Modi's government further complicates and aggravates the situation in the country," the statement said.

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