Monday , October 25 2021

iPhone XS: a premium smartphone that is still ahead of the rest


The iPhone XS: a premium phone that is still ahead of the rest

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max phones have sports OLED displays, improved cameras with two rear cameras and are powered by a powerful Bionic A12 chip connected to an 8-core neural engine for tasks related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The latest iPhone has many new features, but as usual with the most exclusive smartphones there is a high cost. The question is, is it worth modernizing and is it worth 1 R $ in price? I've been using the iPhone for some time now as my primary device and that's what I thought.

Design and display

If you want to put a new iPhone XS next to your older iPhone X, it may not seem so original or new. Plus, we've seen countless other phones since iPhone & # 39; and X, which copied this project with a cut out display and a vertically arranged double camera. However, none of them makes the iPhone XS look less attractive. And what Apple did once again has a color that its rivals do not offer. It's gold, especially the dark-gold, stainless steel frame on the side, Apple just does it so well. It is dark on the side, has a pink shade on the back and stands out from the competition.

The Apple iPhone XS continues with a full-screen 5.8-inch screen that we've seen on the iPhone X, and it's fantastic. This OLED screen has the deepest blacks, excellent color reproduction and makes watching movies great. The display works equally well in bright sunlight and I had no problem reading this screen when it is out of the house.

Performance, Face ID, Memoji

Performance on the iPhone has never been a problem for me. Usually I switch between many applications and I do not have to deal with any stuttering or delay when running the application. Whether it's games or social media, and even endless scrolling applications like Reddit, the iPhone XS can handle all this.

With the iPhone XS Face ID is another important feature you can experience unless you have tried the iPhone X. This is one of the more convenient ways to unlock the iPhone & # 39; Works perfectly in the dark. Another feature of the new iPhone XS is Memoji. I would say that Memoji is the most accepted version of Emoji I've seen compared to all other variants of this.


For about two years, the best cameras were on the iPhone & # 39; oh. Then Pixel appeared, and Google almost threw him out of the park in the Pixel 2 series. In terms of portraits and poor lighting, Pixel 2 XL was my choice last year. And what about the iPhone XS? Yes, this is a definite improvement over older devices, like the iPhone 8 device I used previously. Intelligent HDR is important for the type of photos you receive and is there to see. The performance of the weak lights has also improved, and the portraits also look great.

Pictures are brighter and there are more details, even those made in low light. And yes, the camera is fast, which is important for most users.


For those who have an older iPhone & # 39; s 6s or 7, this is a good upgrade to consider. But the price is not easy to accept with or without EMI. In India it hits the sign '1 lakh. So it's better to wait for the iPhone XR to end and then choose. In the end, XR is relatively cheaper, although it is not "affordable" in terms of any standards. But it is equipped with compromises, such as outdated screen resolution and a single rear camera.

Estimated retail price: Rs 99,900 (64 GB version)

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