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India vs Bangladesh, Day 1 of Test 3 Live Score: Mushfikur Rahim, Lytton Das Frustrate India | Cricket news


35.1 diversion: Four! Both Lytton Das and Mushfikur Rahim go after the spins in India. After Rahim finished Ravindra Shadia, he finished with the frontier and greeted Etwaddin with a nice cover. A 50-year partnership has also reached Rahim and Lytton with that limit.
BAN 129/5

Fighting change for India when Ashwin comes under attack! And Mushfikur Rahim crosses – shoots the second ball. An incredible shot by Rahim as he seeks to take the clutches to India.
BAN 114/5
33.2 transmissions

100 for Bangladesh!

Mushfikur Rahim 19 *

Lytton Das 18 *

Path of 243 more things

30.2 redirects: Four! Good shot from the ground by Lytton Das. Off-road driving excluded him from Ishant Sharma.
BAN 96/5

Lubman Gill comes in to replace Mohammed Jami as he goes on the pitch. First Shooting Magic (
9-4-15-3) from him. BAN 85/5 after 29 overs.

26.3 over: OVER! And again. Mohammed Jami is here. Mahmudullah fishes outside and pays for it with his wiper. Rohit Sharma this time takes a neat catch. Third bra for Jamie. Mahmudullah drops by 15.
BAN 72/5

25.2 redirects: Four! Mahmudullah is hard to cut. He beat Hetseshwar Puljara at the back post. Short and wide off Ravindra Shadeja and the ball moves to the fence.
BAN 69/4

End of 23rd: Delicious delivery for the first time since Mohammed Jami's post lunch. Three things from that. Spin comes on the attack for the first time when Ravindra Jadeja has the ball in his hand.
BAN 63/4

The players returned to the field to continue their activities after lunch. India to try to kill in this session! Mushfikur Rahim and Mahmudullah oppose a tough challenge in India

Lunch break!

The Indians who ruled India have made a mess once again as Bangladesh retired on 60/4 to their second place at lunch on the 3rd day of the Indore Test. Prior to the start of the game, India declared their nightly score of 493/6, with a huge lead of 343. The Indians traveling to India went about their usual business as they again tormented the Bangladeshi lineup. Ummesh Chadav started his success in India when he cleared Imrul Kays (6) with the bottom. Ishant Sharma hit in the aftermath of the overpowering, removing other opener Fadman Islam for 6. Pace boss Mohammed Shami then took over and defeated Mominul Shake (7) and Mohammed Mituni (18) for the only overs. six wickets from impressive wins. Bangladesh still trail with 283 races with two days and two sessions left in the match.

Lunch, day 3: Bangladesh 60/4, trail 283 tracks

Mohammad Mitoun 18
Mohammed Jami 2/8
Ishant Pharma 1/15

End of 22nd: Ishant Sharma completed the first session procedure with 1 deadline. Payments are off and players walk into the dressing room for lunch. Bangladesh is still trailing 283.

End of 21st: Delivered order by Mohammed Jami. Just a foot of it. Ishant Sharma to leave a glass of what might be the last before lunch on the 3rd day.
BAN 59/4

End of 18th: Girlfriends from back to back from India. Both Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Jami are currently looking very frightening. Bats in Bangladesh are hardly looking for lunch, with no further loss of wickets.
BAN 48/4

16.1 Redirect: Fell! Rohit Sharma came in second to seize the chance to move forward after Mushfikur Rahim was given an early return. Shami gets to the outside edge and the ball goes straight to Rohit, but he is unable to keep the ball.

14.1 Redirect: OVER! Another bit the dust. Mohammed Jami in action once again when he was released by Mohammed Mitoun with a brief delivery. Mithun goes to tow, but is wrong. Majank Agarwal ends up with a catch on the short end. Another over another wiper for Jamie. Mitun turns 18.
BAN 44/4

13.4 Redirects: View from India again! This time it is defender Marais Erasmus, who does not rule Mohammed Mitoun, after Ummesh Chadav hits the pads. Virat brought the review. But this time he is not lucky because the ball misses the stump completely. India has now lost both views.

12.5 overs: Overview from India! Mohammed Jami enters the Bangladeshi capital, Captain Mominul Jake in front of the corps. But Judge Rod Tucker does not rule out. Virat Kohli goes for a review after consulting with Hami and Saha. And he's right! Reproduction shows that the ball hit the leg stump. Hook is out! A successful review from India and Bangladesh is again being withdrawn here in a second time.

First bowling change for India! Mohammed Jami attacks.

Drinks broke!

A shooting of the first hour plays on the 3rd day while the Indian Pacers shake Bangladesh again.

Bangladesh 33/2, trailing 310 races

Mominule Shake 7 *

Mohamed Mitoun 14 *

11.2 Redirects: Four! Four! First, a confident cover, and then an unusual edge to the third man as Mohammed Mitoun collects consecutive boundaries outside of Umm Shadav.
BAN 33/2

End of 10th: Another great result from Umeh Shadav. India patients breathing fire once more in second time. Both Umeå and Ishant worshiped excellently on the first 10 occasions. Bats in Bangladesh are really struggling at the moment.
BAN 20/2, trail of 323 races

6.6 redirects: OVER! Through the defense of Fadman Islam. Ishant joins in the fun from the other end. Knocking over Islam this time around around the braid. Both openings returned to the hut early on for Bangladesh in the second period.
BAN 16/2

5.5 overs:
Overview from India! Ummesh Chadav this time hit the pads of Mominul Shake and a huge attraction from the Indian camp. Imperia Marais Erasmus does not exclude it, but Virat, though it looked ordinary, decided on the examination. The replay clearly shows that the ball was missing the stump. Weak review from India. Jack survives!

5.1 Redirects: OVER! Worship him! Ummesh Chadav strikes early to put Bangladesh under pressure on day 3. The Umeå intensifier receives the inner edge of the bat Imrul Casey and crashes onto the logs. Early breakthrough for India when Casey leaves for 6.
BAN 10/1

End of 4th year: After a girl from Ishant, Ummesh Chadav follows him with a neat 1-channel. Both Fadman Islam and Imrul Casey seem cautious at first.
BAN 9/0

1.4 overs: Four! Imrul Casey begins his day with a border across the covers. The glut of Umesh Chadav and Casey wasted no time in doing so. Wonderful times as the ball races to the fence.
BAN 8/0

End of 1st year: Three run off the last ball down the field as Fadman Islam and Bangladesh exit the mark in the second round. Umm Chadav to share the new ball with Ishant from the other end.
BAN 3/0

Fadman Islam and Imrul Kaze are in the middle to start Bangladesh in second place. Ishant Sharma has the new cherry in his hand. Three slips and a hole for him.
Here we go!

After a huge day 2 with the bat (407-day-old), India's sugarcane will now be in focus again as they try to rescue Bangladesh and finish today's match. Will Bangalore Tigers Survive India's Attack?

So, an early surprise as India declared their overnight score of 493/6. Bangladesh will start Day 3 with a bat. They trail for 343 things.

Hi and welcome to the live coverage of Day 3 of the first Test between India and Bangladesh in Indore.


Miangar Agarwal hit his second double in four tests as India built a huge 343 first innings over Bangladesh on day two of their opening Test. The 28-year-old opener, who hit three tons, including double-hundreds in the last five Tests, hit eighty-six and 28 fours in his 243. Agarwal passed 200 with a sixth by Maidy Hassan and continued his big hits until he was finally caught. in the deep part of the microbrazine by Abu Ayyid of Mexidi. He left this standing ovation.

India was 493 for six of the stumps in response to the 150 selected in Bangladesh on Thursday. Ravindra Khadeya, 60, and Ummesh Chadav, 25, were on the creek promising more fireworks.

Jadeja celebrated his trademark dance when he reached the half-century mark in 72 balls, while Chadav hit three sixes in his 10-ball buzzer. The leftist Hadeja retained the attack after his 123-year partnership with Agarwal for the fourth braid.

Agarwal also made 190 with Ajinka Rahane, who shot 86, as the hosts extended the day to 86 for one.

Rahane became the fourth victim of the obsolete Abu Ayyide patient immediately after the tea break. But Agarwal relentlessly hit goalies to the limit after completing his 200-plus run in his eighth Test appearance since making his Melbourne debut last year. His previous best was 215 in the first Test against South Africa last month.

Agarwal's marathon stroke eased Indian nerves after rider Virat Kohli was on the duck – his 10th of 83 tests – in the first session.

Abu, who sent a blanket to Rohit Sharma on Thursday for six, caught Sheteshwar Puljara, 54, soon after the bat had finished its fifty by night. But it was Kochley's fitness that brought joy to Bangladesh shortly after they successfully reviewed the lbw complaint rejected by the clinic. Replies said the ball would hit a leg stump.

Individual dancers in India, led by Mohammed Jami, who took three branches, tackled Bangladesh on the opening day of a two-match series after tourists won the toss but opted to bathe first in the green braid.

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