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In sex scandal in Madhya Pradesh, politicians, bureaucrats, over 1,000 clips

The honey trap plan was seized by police officers in Bhopal on Wednesday night.

Bhopal: A dozen top bureaucrats and eight former ministers of Madhya Pradesh are being investigated in a high-profile extortion racket that found more than 1,000 sexually explicit video clips, explicit videos and audio from computers and mobile phones. The massive honey trap plan, which focused only on wealthy people and focused on politicians and bureaucrats, included five women who used sex workers and young college girls, police said. More than 200 cellphone contacts revealed in the raids suggest that fraud may not have been confined to Madhya Pradesh.

Here are the top 10 events in this great story:

  1. "More than 10 senior officers are being investigated for the defendant's pro-quo benefits," said Sanjeev Shami, who heads the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which is investigating the scandal. The politicians caught on camera reportedly came from the BJP and Congress.
  2. The five women were arrested on Wednesday. Police named them as Cveta Aine, 39, her 48-year-old name, Barca Sonny, 35, Arty Dale, 34, and an 18-year-old college student. Artyal's driver was also arrested.
  3. Barca Sony is the wife of former Congressman IT cell officer Amit Sony.
  4. Tsveta Aainain, who runs a local NGO and rents out the house of BHP MPA, Brendra Pratap Singh, reportedly led the operation. Sources say that despite her ties to politicians in the state, she was close to an influential political leader in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. She is believed to have met the leader through former Madhya Pradesh minister.
  5. In her questioning, Tsveta Ainein reportedly stated that at least about 20 college students, mostly from middle-class families, were used to seduce senior officials and politicians. She reportedly confessed to attracting many college girls with the promise of jobs and fueling the luxurious lifestyle of Audi cars and five-star hotel rooms.
  6. Over the years, the gang has reportedly made over 1,000 video clips to extort money from the rich and powerful. Police seized laptops, cell phones, documents and video evidence from the house of Tsveta Aainain.
  7. Each woman allegedly ran her own gang. The biggest "quid pro quo sex scandal" in the country may turn out, police say.
  8. One of the band's recent goals was a top MAS official who was asked to pay RS. 2 crowns for damn video.
  9. The gang was captured after an Indore municipal corporation officer filed a lawsuit against Arti Dale, accusing her of seeking RS. 3 crowns from it.
  10. When Daley traveled to Indore, he reportedly received RS. 50 lacs as the first installment of extortion money, she was arrested, police said. Others were arrested on the basis of her questioning.

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