Monday , June 14 2021

I hope Urjit Patel has a backbone and shows her place, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi:

When the Board of the Banking Reserve of India (RBI) met in Mumbai today in the public's central bank with the government on a wide range of topics, Rahul Gandhi took the opportunity to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet. "Hope Urjit Patel has a backbone and will show her his place," said the president of the congress soon after the start of the RBI board meeting, referring to the governor of the RBI.

Congress accused the government of undermining the RBI's autonomy to gain control over 9 lakh crore reserves for development work ahead of state and national elections.

"The government is determined to" capture "the RBI to gain control over the reserves, and other so-called misunderstandings are just a smokescreen (sic!) – yesterday, a former minister of finance, P Chidambaram from Congress, tweeted.

Mr. Chidambaram wrote that "November 19 (today's meeting)" will be the date of settlement of the independence of the central bank and the Indian economy.

Reports say the government wants the central bank to part with one-third of its reserves.

The government has denied efforts to make a huge capital transfer from RBI, but said it was discussing the "appropriate" amount of capital reserves that the central bank must maintain.

Economic Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg explained that the government did not have any major financial needs and that there was no proposal to ask the RBI for a donation of $ 3.6 million.

Congress also accused the government of forcing RBI Governor Urjit Patel to leave because he was not flexible. "If Patel decides to give up his differences (RBI) with the central government, it will be very sad and bad for the Indian economy, and he will send a bad signal to global markets, just like (former RBI governor) Raghuram Rajan & # 39; s exit "- said former union minister Veerappa Moily at the Press Trust in India.

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