Thursday , September 24 2020

Google Assistant mode Assistant goes down to multiple phones


In September, Google announced Assistant Ambient Mode at IFA 2019. It provides a "visual overview" of your day – like a smart screen – when your device is charging. Over the past day, there have been reports of an expanding experience to more phones.

At the trade show, Google just demonstrated the ambient mode of two Lenovo tablets. The interface of these widescreen devices is similar to Nest's, if not better and more feature-rich. However, the new helper feature was also announced for Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.

Thanks to various reports from Redith and XDA, now we have a very good look at the phone Assistant Ambient Mode UI of the phone. When done, setup starts with a quick "Do More While Your Device Charges Ambient" mode. I agree to "Turn on", require a voice contest, allow personal results and notifications.

You have the opportunity to "see a slideshow" of your photos in ambient mode. Time is spotted at the top, while Android notification icons appear at the bottom row, just above the button to start with voice search and charging status / rating.

If you don't want an overlapping image, Ambient Mode will only show a large clock against a black background with the row of icons still appearing at the bottom. On the tablets you can tap the slideshow of this image to access the more interactive aspect of ambient mode.

This shows the time in the top-left corner, while the other corner shows the weather and temperature. Below is a Healthy Assistant and Signal Source. One card makes up all the notification icons, while media controls appear separately. At the bottom, you can control Assistant smart devices through the gearboxes.

So far, this is approaching a range of current Nokia phones, but there are interesting reports on Xiaomi devices also receiving Assistant Ambient Mode. Former phones have it integrated (Settings> Display> Advanced> Ambient Screen> Always on while charging), but it should also be controlled by the Google Assistant editor settings in the Google app.

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