Tuesday , January 19 2021

Goa to allow casinos from November with instructions for KOVID-19 after seven months

The Goa government on Wednesday allowed casinos to continue in the country, starting November 1. After a meeting of Goa’s cabinet on Wednesday, Chief Minister Pramod Savant said: “The state cabinet has decided to allow casinos to reopen from November 1 onwards.”

Casinos have been closed in the coastal state since the coronavirus epidemic in March. There are six offshore and about a dozen land-based casinos in the western state.

The government has also issued guidelines for KOVID-19 that casinos should follow when they restart next month. Casinos will operate at 50% of their capacity. All standard operating procedures published by the State Department of the Interior to combat KOVID-19 should be maintained in casinos.

Casino operators will have to pay license fees before resuming operations, Goa’s chief minister said.

The state government has previously allowed various commercial and tourism activities to be restarted in the country to get the economy back on track.

With 215 new cases in the last 24 hours, the coastal state has so far recorded 42,747 cases of coronavirus. The number of active patients with KOVID-19 increased to 2,384. At least 39,788 recovered from the outbreak. Coronavirus has killed 585 people in the country.

State governments have been called upon to take a national approach to engaging with companies and deciding on vaccination criteria against KOVID-19, the Center said on Tuesday.

“In general, we can responsibly say that resources will not be a problem in providing access to vaccines. We asked state governments to wait for the overall picture to be clarified and to take a national approach to hiring companies and deciding on vaccination criteria. “State governments have made these statements and they should be respected.” Paul, member of NITI Aayog (Hsaid).

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