Saturday , June 12 2021

Game developer Gears of War and Lawbreakers says he will never play another game again

Bleszinski claims that he ended up developing games, being toxic to the gaming community.

Cliff Bleszinski, creator Gears of War, known recently for the unsuccessful heroic shooter Lawbreakers, he apparently published a very strong statement on Twitter in response to a fan that he would not be making more games. Bleszinski has always been an open personality and does not seem to be restrained in this matter.

Speaking in response to a fan who complains that he will never receive a refund Lawbreakers, a game that was taken offline for just over a year, and soon after closing Boss Key Productions, Bleszinski noticed that he spent money out of his pocket to ensure that his employees would not receive a strict contract from closing and that the toxicity of the player community is the reason why "NEVER" will not play again.

Informed by GamesIndustry, he reacts to what is most likely a tweet for trolls (an account that he tweeted in Bleszinski, so far only one tweet has done this, and is probably an ejection created specifically for this exchange) and asked how serious it is, simply he answered "I finished."

Bleszinski, of all his disadvantages – he is rough and unpleasant – is at least a gifted game designer, and if it is a note he leaves behind, it is a pity. With that in mind, I hope this is nothing more than a small explosion on social media on a bad day.

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