Thursday , September 24 2020

Forming Maharashtra Gov LIVO: NHP chief Farad Pavar to meet with Sonya Gandhi on Monday


maharashtra cm, shiv sena, ncpNFP chief Farad Pawar with Lively Sena president Udav Thackeray. (File photo / PTI)

Forming the Government of Maharashtra Live Update: Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Kosiari today announced a relief package of Rs 8,000 per hectare to 2 hectares for 'Karif' crops and Rs 18,000 per hectare to 2 hectares for gardening / perennial crops after damage to non-farm crops .

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Living Senate, NHP, Congress delegation with the Governor of Maharashtra has been delayed until announced. The reasons for the meeting, which was scheduled for 4:30 pm today, were not immediately known. Leaders of the three parties were due to meet with the Governor after finalizing the Joint Minimum Program (KPP) on Friday.

After days of confusion, it appears that the Living Sen, the Nationalist Congress Party and Congress are in the process of forming a government in Maharashtra, where a Rule of President was imposed earlier this week, after none of the parties could show a majority. NFP chief Farad Pawar will also meet with interim Congress President Sonya Gandhi in Delhi on Sunday to discuss the next course of action for forming the government.

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