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Foldable Samsung smartphone with the new Android UI interface presented in the SDC

The folding smartphone, which was very much awaited since Samsung first presented its folded displays in 2013, is now a reality, as the South Korean technology company presented the device at the Samsung Developers Conference (SDC) conference in San Francisco. Much has been said about the smartphone, and the company has not avoided stoking the noise, issuing statements to make sure that after the announcement of the smartphone caught the eye of potential customers, as well as competitors.

Although Samsung is not the first company to present a folded phone, it seems that it has managed to show a device that looks much more stable than FlexPai, which was launched a few days ago. Justin Denison, senior vice president of Marketing for mobile products, Samsung presented a device that has been camouflaged in a black housing, and under dimmed lights to protect design elements. "Here is the device … and it's stunning," says Denison.

Samsung claims that the foldable smartphone uses a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 and an aspect ratio of 4.2: 3 when it is unfolded, and when folded in half to reveal a second display, called The "cover screen" on the front, works like a 4.58-inch phone with a resolution of 840 x 1960 pixels and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. Samsung says that the phone can be folded down to fit in your pocket.


Samsung claims that it will be able to massively produce Infinity Flex Display within "a few months" and, according to Samsung, must develop new display protection materials that use a polymer that is both "flexible" and resistant "and maintain its strength even after folding and unfolding "hundreds of thousands of times. "According to The Verge, Samsung used a new glue that laminates various layers of the display to allow them to bend." The phone's frames looked thick compared to flagship ships from edge to edge.

Because the industry uses technology, Google also tags with Android software. The company announced that it supports new foldable devices with Android and works closely with Samsung to launch this phone next year. "Now we see the creators of Android devices creating a new category: Foldables. Using a new, flexible display technology, the screen can be literally bent and folded," says Stephanie Cuthbertson, Product Management Director on the official blog for Android application developers.

"There are generally two variants: devices with two screens and devices with a single screen." When folded, folded look like phones in a pocket or purse. After unfolding them, the defining feature is what we call the continuity of the screen. a folded, smaller screen – and later you can sit down and unfold the device to get a bigger screen with a tablet size to get a beautiful, immersive experience.The distributed app seamlessly moves to a larger screen without losing the rhythm.We optimize Android for this new aspect ratio. making changes to help developers around the world seize the opportunities it offers for new, amazing experiences, new ways to engage and delight users, "added Cuthbertson.

Now that Samsung has presented the foldable smartphone, all eyes will be visible on Huawei, LG and Apple phones, among other OEMs to present their innovation. Huawei can run the folded device by the end of this year, and the company has obtained a patent for a folded telephone at WIPO (World Intellectual property Organization). LG has confirmed that it works on a folded device and wants to create something that consumers really want. Apple also announces the launch of a folded smartphone in 2020.

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