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Ficipas finishes next to Time to lift ATP girls' title

Welcome to the highlights of Sportsstar's live coverage of male singles final from Final of the ATP Tour match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Dominic Thames. This is Givenchy Gupta that keeps you company throughout the game.

Final result: Stefanos Tsipipas with Dominic Thames (6) 6-7, 6-2, 7-6 (4)

You can read it match report here.

Until next time, goodbye.

Thank you for joining us so late at night. Hopefully, no matter who you support tonight, the tennis brand we've just witnessed will help get rid of your Monday blues.

Wow, what an exhibition of tennis. The ATP Tour of 2019 is marked in ecstatic fashion and to be sure, it was the most appropriate for a great season.

Stefanos Tsitsipas beat Dominic (6) 6-7, 6-2. 7-6 (4) for 2 hours 35 minutes.

What an exciting conclusion to the marathon crash.


6-4: Two championship points for Ficipas. Thiem gave everything but hit a forehand into the net.


5-4: This time, it's long and the momentum is right back with Steph. He has two services at hand.

4-4: THIS IS A LOW LEVEL! What an absolutely legendary backhand. Steph thought it was a long time before he realized it wasn't. The return hit the net.

4-3: Tim with two mini-breaks and he is in it back! Commentators have said so. No one deserves to lose this match. Attacks the net after a huge forehand and an above-ground smash to win the point.

People can't look at the O2 Arena, covering their faces. I don't blame them. Here I have gooseberries.

4-2: If you think Themes is not running out of gas, think twice! He nails down the line and forces the Greek to return the ball to his home ground.

4-1: Ficipas in full control. Second mini-break and he has two services in hand. Tired of seeing a backhand of a timed jump hitting the net.

3-1: The mini-break for Stef has Tim with a wide cross-court shot. The crowd is still shouting "Yipipas, Yipipas"!

2-1: Chicipas and Time dig deep into their backups. He still has the energy to attack and finish the point with a cut. The crowd is screaming "Yipipas, Yipipas"!

1-1: Excessive pressure from TIME while long flogging the forehand

0-1: Thiem wins the first point because Stephens has long hit return.


6-6: TICHNISIPAS OTHERS TO MAKE STORIES MORE THAN TWO TO SOLVE! What a display of Greek tennis and brave tennis. After two victories have left Tim in the starting lineup, he forces a mistake from the Austrian, who shoots a return to the net. At 40-15, Tim finds ample space with a huge cross-country judiciary to land immediately on the line and Steph fails to get there on time. They have hit a long comeback and we are now at their peak after 54 minutes.

Then the equation is simple. If Ficipas holds, we head to the deciding tie-breaker. If he doesn't, Tim lifts the trophy.

5-6: TIMES ONE MONEY GAME SPECIAL! Ooooh! The pressure and tension is so high in O2 right now, it's almost obvious. Double error from Tim. But he replenishes his mistake with a brilliant net game in the next 30-15. He sends Stef wide with a powerful forehand and then approaches the net. Stef correctly predicts the direction of the first volley, but no answers for the above-ground intersection of Time. Beat the next point, Steph, to make it 15-40. But Tim is doing even better by serving his seventh assist in the game to close out the game and take one away from the title.

5-5: Hold fast! By the time I finished writing about Tim's visit, Stefanos had decided to complete his love affair. Shining tennis!

4-5: GREAT GIVEN BY TIME! Wow, that's another rocket from the Austrian racket. The winner of 92 km per hour. The ball was spinning in the air like a cricket ball. What a backhand there! Makes it 40-15 with a double error. It is astonishing to see how he catches the people! It closes the game in a remarkable way. Is Han Heendong the world's first TT player? No, it was an Austrian of the highest rank. I puzzled for a second, there as it beat into the net and put a huge top-spin on the inside-forehand winner. Just the right amount of weight on it.

4-4: TITISIPAS DRIVERS! This was an important service game for Yipipas and he had to win to stay on the hunt and he did just that. He went 40-15 as he forced Thames to hit a backhand down the line. 40-30 because he puts too much power in his forehand cross-court and hits him out of bounds. Lovely rally there. Stands on the field, holds the authority and then wins the winner with a big forehand.

3-4: TIME, BABY! He shoots all cylinders, it's TIME! The one-way backhand along the line had so much poison in it that Yicipas couldn't move. Once again, he found a sudden outflow of energy from nowhere. TIME wants to want to take a break because Steph fails to keep up with Tim's evil backs.

3-3: TEMPORARY HURRY AND WE ARE LIVING!The Ficipas Bottle easily advance the net by hitting it long from the baseline and giving Threads a Thread advantage. Thiem makes it 15-40 and has two chances to break through after Ficipas met an absolute backhand peach on the net. He fails to keep the volley. Thiem long misses regulation. Lost in concentration there for sure. He still has another chance. Not this time, says Tim. Steph whips the backhand-cross-ground from the sideline and Tim's game.

3-2: EXTENDED TEAM DOORS!Thames makes it 15-0 with a winner in a row. He makes it 30-0 with an attacking play. He sends Steph deep into his backhand, then charges into the volleyball net. Place it on the opposite end, making Steph work. In the end, the Greek lobby falls long. Makes it 40-0 with an assist. 40-15 as Tycipas returns, Tim responded. 40-30 to Themes. Unlucky there. Forhead rides down the center of the court cuts a net and falls right into the zone for Steph. Who takes the time to use the winner with forehand, sending Tim the wrong way. It ends with an ace.

3-1: TICHITIPAS RIGHTS TO LOVE! Now it's on pause. An impressive service game from Greek.

2-1: TITITIPAS BRUSHES! Three break points for the Greek. 2/8 converted as Time saves the first. Saves No.9. Timing with density tennis. Impressive decision to charge the net under such pressure and pull so high volley. Ficipas loses his foot on the baseline. Could it be cramps? TSITIPAS REMEMBER THE DAY AS A RETURN TO THE RETURN OF THE THEME TWO.

We're in for an exciting finish. I would suggest you to have your coffee. I have mine next to me.

1-1: Hold on to love by Ficipas.

0-1: The first point of the set goes to Ficipas, as the timed cross-country falls wide. He follows it overhead after attacking the net with a beautiful forehand piece to force a loose return from Steph. Makes it 30-15 with an ace. Relaxed return to baseline from Time. The balls fall right to his feet on the baseline and Tim completely misses a comeback and the ball goes out. WHAT REALLY! A fierce exchange of ground strikes form the baseline of the two players before Stef is charged into the net with high volley on the net. Thyme saves breakthrough point no. 5 of the match with a huge forehand winner in a row. So, so good from Cicipas! It forces Thames to hit consecutive backs, eventually losing his point. Break point no. 8 for Ficipas. Thiam survives. It works around to cover the backhand in the forehand and hit a great forehand along the line. Stef's return is wide. Advantage of Them with great service after T. WHAT HAPPENED AND HIS REACTION IS ALL! Fist and boy, isn't it unhealthy.

Thyme will serve first. Decider, here we come!

Stefanos Tsitsipas reacted emphatically to lower the level and force the match into the decider. It took him only 28 minutes to do so.


Ficipas to serve for the second set.

5-2: CONTRACTING PEOPLE! How much volleyball from Tim! He sprayed a backup piece of Stef and digs a low volley behind Stef, who somehow manages to get it back. But Tim stands there high, waiting for an easy finish. 30-0. Thiem puts the backhand cross-court return wide on the left. Makes it 40-15 with an ace. He is held with a lethal service after T.

5-1: ONE ONE GAME READY EVERYONE! The return of Themes falls into the net as Cicipas climbs to 30-0. He makes it 40-0 with an assist beside Tim's backhand. Steph is holding on.


4-1: THEME FROM MARK, CLOSE! Time-honored game of climbing the board in the second service. Strong service game!

4-0: TSITIPAS GET GOOD NOW! A brilliant second-timer who jumped high and maliciously turned on the tim, as did Phicipas at 30-0. Hold on to a double break.

How about that for a response from Ficipas! What a way to draw the road back into the competition. Tim has let the intensity go down and when Steph is out of your way you can't leave the door unprotected.

3-0: STILL MORE AGAINST! Relax by Tim! At 15-15, he plays a flat drop shot and Steph has enough time to put the ball behind Time on the baseline. Tami was always second there because he couldn't get the ball back through the net. TWO MORE CONTRACTIVE EIVO CALLS! Two volleyballs on the net before throwing another volleyball attempt. He finishes with a stunning forehand conqueror with a top spin on the line. The ball goes back to the line and passes the time.

2-0: AGREE, GREEK TWO! Stefanos begins with an ace. Then, the winner of an internal cross-court outrage and once again, sending Tim the wrong way. Quick hands there. He makes it 40-0 as Thiem returns the ball into the net. Stef keeps pausing.

1-0: THE TITISIPAS TEAM! Ficipas with a beautiful cross-court backhand winner because he sends Tim the wrong way. It goes down 0-30, then 0-40 Three break points for Steph. We can't mess it up here, can we Greek? Thyme saves breakthrough point no. 4 as he attacks the net, forcing Steph to hunt. The fog falls wide. 15-40. He cannot hold another because the lazy forehand falls wide. Well OK! What a twist in the story already!

Thyme will serve first and have a real opportunity to put further pressure on the Greek with a particular service.

Second set, here we go!

What a tough set of tennis! In the end, it all came down to who could maintain the service better and Tim did just that. After saving three breaks and crashing into two alone, he finally dropped Ficipas in the first set after 65 minutes.

6-8: AFTER 65 YEARS, I SELL FIRST SET. Brilliant service after T and Chicipas had no chance there.

6-7: SET UP A TIME SERVICE CHAPTER! A wild, wild return from Steph. The whip hit him really hard and hit the exit.

6-6: LIFE SUBMITS A JUDGMENT! His 5th point on the net from seven attempts. He attacks Tim, pushes him deep and then, after two volumes, forces Tim to lob. Then, Steph ends the point with an overhead cut.

5-6: Thais with ace and Chicipas serve to preserve the set.

5-5: Steph is back on the level! The jump forehand down the line. The line judge calls him, TIME examines him and loses him.

4-5: LARGE, CRUCIAL CHAPTER OF TISITIPAS! What a service point.

3-5: Mini-break for Stefanos as Tim has hit the net.

2-5: This time, Stefanos' return from forehand falls flat. Steph realized he knew he was going to lose.

2-4: Returning from the line back from Steph.

2-3: The timer return slides into the network.

1-3: Stefanos with the winner on the field in flawless terrain, who finds the corner perfectly.

0-3: MORE THAN A TRUE BODY! Playing the way Ficipas would like to play. Overhead intersections in the grid.

0-2: Makes him duplicitous with fierce inside in advance, that Steph could barely get in touch.

0-1: First Topic for Topics. Mini-break


6-6: THEM CONFIRMS THEM! from 0-30 to 30-30, the Austrian level under enormous pressure. Where does all the power come at once? So good for the service and then the powerful fronts to bag the winner. It's not the first game of the match, but Tim played it as it was. Steph does it 40-40 after a Tim has reviewed the baseline supplement. Tim's advantage when Stefanos returns the ball into the net. A beautiful backhand stopped volleyball on the net from Time to force the break switch.

6-5: HEAR STEFANOS! What a world pass by Fitipas! Look what I did there? Stef was approaching the net again, and Tim had to stretch low and wide on the forehand to get in contact on the starting line. But he does more than pull off a one-inch perfect pass on the line to make it 15-15. 30-30 after the ficipas hit a long return. Steph's 40-30 after Tim's return from baseline is too strong. We complete with a great service, that tripping themes cannot overflow the network.


Both players have conceded the fewest break points in the tournament and this match testifies to their resilience. We have already seen five saves, three from Teim and two from Cicipas. We are approaching a tie-breaker.

5-4: THE GREAT DR HOVES! Tsitsipas misses the pace of the ball, is slow in the back of the ball returning just pulling in. How much volleyball to make it 15-15. Gut tennis! Great second serve and then attack with voluptuous volley volley on the net. 30-15 as Time prevents returning long. Another mistake in the same fashion by Thiem. Themes tries to defend the ball over Steph, who pulls comfortably into the game and puts the game to rest with a light header, sending Tim the wrong way,

4-4: TIME SUBMITTED! Thaimi makes it 15-15 with an assist through T. What a winner! The ball flies off the racket. He stood firm for the service and won the point with an excellent forehand in advance, leaving Time alone a spectator. Two breaks for Ficipas, as Time pulls the winner's line on the net. He is alive with himself. Does Survive survive? He saves the first with an ace. He saves the third break-point with a huge volley. Fitipas got a good deal on the cross-court forehand, but Tame made it big, reached it and did it with great volley. He takes advantage of Steph's return to the net. Steph, this time, hit him long and Tim survives.

4-3: HUMAN SUPPORT FOR TSITIPAS! Stephanos' whips return in advance, only for the ball to reach the top of the racket and fly into the stands. Well caught by the gentleman in the crowd. Then he hits a forehand that shoots wide. They have a chance to break through. Service and volley come to the rescue of Ficipas when he saves his first break point. Ficipas saves a second break point with another combination of service and volleyball. Move forward to the advantage by breaking the winner of the line in advance. He holds.

3-3: Themes Hold! Thames with an ace in return. Stefanos makes it 15-15 with another attacking move. A strong forehand drives and pushes TIME back. Then charge yourself for another easy winner. 15-15 at Stefanos, after TIME hit a forehand overturned cross-court, which falls near the wide left-hand line. Long back exchange on the baseline. Massive tennis there and the point goes to Tammy, while Sti hits the comeback for long. Brilliant volleyball volleyball volleyball from the time on the net. After pressing Stef widely, forcing him to reach his comeback, he slides into volleyball for a big winner. Finish the holder with great service.

3-2: STATE DOORS! What a rally and Steph ends up at the top. He outnumbered Theim, who did not move a single centimeter and did not let the winner pass. The ball was right in the center of the pitch. Ficipas makes it 30-0 with another service and net game. Vicious serve to send the opponent across and then charge the net. 40-15 after both players hit their comeback long. Holds it with a forehand from the middle court winning line.

2-2: Themes Hold! Thimi hit a long comeback to give Steph a first point. He is making another unfulfilled mistake, this time on the net. It was a regular bumper of regulation that flies long. It does 15-30 with a strong downtown service, which Steph fails to retain the incoming information. Makes it 30-30. Possible early break for Stefanos. The first of the match since Tim hit a comeback long after being pushed deep for his forehand in the early stages. They save breakpoint no.1. Thames neglected the rally as he repeatedly pressed Steph back before heading into the net with a forehand winner. He goes to advantage with an ace. Time has the service of bringing Stefanos back to the net.

Thiem will have to do very well for his services to keep up with Yipipas' strong service game.

2-1: Chicipas Holds On! Stefanos charges the network for excellent, deep service on the right side of Themes. The second tries with a forehand thrown on the pitch, but the ball hits the net and the ball goes past the post. Yicipas makes it 30-0 with a wicked forehand-cross-player from the baseline. Makes it 40-0 with Ace T. Теми го прави 15-40 со брилијантен бекхенд по победникот на линијата, минатиот форхенд на Стеф. 40-30 откако Стеф имаше шанса да ја затвори играта, откако го притисна Тејмер широк. Тој имаше отворен простор, но поради лабаво позиционирање на стапалото, тој заврши удирајќи го форхенд однатре широк. Стефанос држи додека Тејм го враќа долго.

1-1: ПРОДАВ ДА САМО LOУБОВ ЗА ТИЕМ КАКО Добро! Втор сервис на Тејм и по краткото митинг, Стефанос го погоди долго од почетната точка. Тиеми ја следи со брза услуга на бекхендот на Стеф, кој може само да го врати широко. Тием го прави 40-0 бидејќи враќањето на втората услуга на Стефанос е скриено долго и широко. Ја затвора играта со holdубов.

1-0: LOУБОВ ДА ГО ПОЧНУВА СО ТСИТИПАС! Неговата прва служба е вратена широко од Тејм. Стефанос го прави 30-0 со сервис туркајќи го Тејм широко и наплаќајќи ја мрежата за избраниот победник на теренот. 40-0 со ас. Ја затвора играта со друг ас.

ТОСС: Прво ќе служи Циципас.

Следно, Доминик Теми излегува пред Центарот.

Прво, Stefanos Tsitsipas се пробива во центарот. Доколку 21-годишниот Циципас ја освои титулата, тој ќе биде најмладиот шампион во сезонското финале од 20-годишниот Лејтон Хјуит во 2001 година.

Дами и господа, ние сме неколку моменти од почетокот на судирот на самитот.


Доминик Тием се бореше над Александар Зверев во второто полуфинале за да стане првиот Австриец што успеа да дојде до крајот на финалето на АТП Светската турнеја. Тој зеде еден час и 34 минути за да го спушти Зверев со 7-5, 6-3 на О2 арената во Лондон во саботата.

Петтиот носител ќе се соочи со неговиот прволигаш финалист Стефанос Циципас, кој го надигра Светскиот рекет број 3 Роџер Федерер со 6: 3, 6-4 во воведното полуфинале.

Тиеми и Циципас одеа на различни патеки до судирот на самитот. Гркот го надмудри швајцарскиот маестро контролирајќи ги долгите собири, не дозволувајќи му на неговиот противник да игра на неговите сили. Тој ја завршил својата домашна задача и знаел дека за да го победи Федерер, тој морал да го спречи да ја игра својата патентирана игра „сервис“ и одбојка и да ги одржува митинзите колку што е можно подолго.

Со 63 проценти први служени во и 64 и 60 проценти победа на својата прва и втора услуга, Циципас стигна на девет од неговите сервисни игри. Тој одбрани 12 брејк поени за време на неговата победа против 38-годишниот Федерер на Австралија опен 2019 и скоро го повтори подвигот, заштедувајќи 11 во полуфиналето.

Циципас го вознемируваше и Светскиот рекет бр.1 Рафаел Надал, пред да замине во три сета трилер во групната фаза.

Од друга страна, Светот бр.5 Тием изгледаше многу претпазлив во неговиот судир последен од четири. И покрај тоа што имаше само 60% од првите сервиси и победи на втората услуга, 26-годишниот играч искористи најмногу од ослабената можност на Зверев да ги претвори полу шансите. Сепак, Тејм уживаше со 81% од бодовите на својата прва услуга и исто така спаси четири брејк поени.

Австриецот одигра солиден натпревар од почетната фаза и ја искористи слабината на седмиот носител на Германците во мрежата, привлекувајќи го често напред.

Деби за соништата за Циципас

Со победата над шесткратниот шампион, Циципас стана најмладиот финалист на годинешниот турнир Хуан Мартин Дел Потро во 2009 година.

21-годишниот играч го крена трофејот на Следниот генерал АТП минатата година и го следеше со тоа што го донесе во финалето на финалето на Светското турнеја на АТП на своето деби.

Највисоко рангираниот Грк стана само третиот играч по Григор Димитров, победник во 2017 година и Дејвид Гофин, вицешампион во 2017 година, кој се пласираше во финалето во својот девизен настап во сезоната-крај.

Во недела Циципас ќе игра во деветтото АТП финале и ќе ја следи својата четврта титула во кариерата, а третата во 2019 година. Гркот го заврши вицешампионот на три турнири годинава и не би сакал тој број да се искачи во она што ќе биде неговото најголемо финале.

Откако во полуфиналето ги победи Даниел Медведев и Александар Зверев и се борат против Федерер во полуфиналето, тој се упати во судир со титулата со рекорд од 3: 1. Неговата осамена загуба дојде во петокот против Рафаел Надал, кој ја заврши годината како Светски рекет број 1 по петти пат.

Интересно е што Циципас е еден од осумте играчи што напредува од кружната робинска акција по првиот обид.

Патот на Циципас до финалето

Натпревар 1: Победи четврти носител Даниел Медведев 7-6 (5), 6-4

Натпревар 2: Победи седми носител Александар Зверев 6-3, 6-2

Натпревар 3: Изгубен до првиот носител Рафаел Надал 7-6 (4), 4-6, 5-7

Полуфинале: Победи Роџер Федерер 6-3, 6-4

Четврти пат среќа за Доминик Тејм?

Највисоко рангираниот Австриец има импресивна 2019 година. Меѓу неговите 16 титули на АТП, пет се дојдени оваа година и тој заврши втор по ред само еднаш (до Надал кај Ролан Гарос). Австриецот не успеа да го надмине фазата по кружни робинзи во последните три настапи.

По извонредните резултати против Федерер во првиот кружен натпревар и Новак okоковиќ во вториот, тој ладна против Матео Беретнини, кој стана првиот италијанец што извојува победа на овој турнир.

Иако капитенот на АТП Купот на Австрија можеби не беше во можност да ги реплицира тие настапи во полуфиналето каде изгледаше рамно, тој дефинитивно ќе му го даде својот најдобар шут против Гркот.

Патот на Тејм до финалето

Натпревар 1: Победи Роџер Федерер 7-5, 7-5

Натпревар 2: Победи Новак okоковиќ (5) 6-7, 6-3, 7-5 (5)

Натпревар 3: Изгубен на Матео Беретини (3) 6-7, 3-6

Полуфинале: Победи Александар Зверев 7-5, 6-3


Доминик Тием го предводи Стефанос Циципас со 4: 2 во гласовите од глава до глава.

Средба 1:

Првата средба помеѓу грчкиот Циципас и австрискиот Тејм беше во четвртфиналето на Катар опен 2018 година, каде што Теми триумфираше со 7-5,6-4 во директно сетови.

Средба 2:

Актуелниот светски рекет број 5 Тејм го направи 2-0 во пресметката на H2H совладувајќи го натпреварот од 64-те победи 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 на Индискиот Велс опен 2018

Средба 3:

Првите два натпревари беа одиграни на тешки терени на отворено. Во 2018 година, на отворено глина на Барселона опен, Цисипас ја забележа својата прва победа против петтиот носител Теми во четвртфиналето 6-3,6-2.

Средба 4:

Највисоко рангираниот Австриец се повлече на глина на отворено на Францускиот опен 2018 како што го сруши сегашниот светски број 6 Циципас 6-2, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4.

Средба 5:

Циципас се подобри од Теми со 6: 3, 7: 6 (6) во рундата од 32 на Купот на Роџерс во 2018 година

Средба 6:

Нивната најнова средба беше во 2019 година Кина отворена во октомври, каде што Теми се запиша предност од 4-2 совладувајќи го шестиот носител Циципас 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 во финалето.

Ова ќе биде првпат двајцата играчи да се сретнат на тежок терен.

Интересен факт, учтивост АТП:

  • Кога Доминик Тием го имаше својот прв настап на годинешниот шампионат во 2016 година, тогашниот 18-годишен Стефанос Циципас беше поранешниот погодок партнер.

Сакав? Еве уште еден.

  • Ова е само втор пат од 1996 година на шампионскиот натпревар во финалето на АТП, на кој ќе настапат двајца играчи со една рака заднина. Во 1996 година Пит Сампрас го победи Борис Бекер, а во 2006 година Роџер Федерер го победи defeatedејмс Блејк.

Следете го нашиот блог во живо за резултати во живо, коментар и надградби!

Каде да го гледаме полуфиналето на финалето на АТП?

Полуфиналето на финалето на АТП може да се пренесува во живо SonyLiv. Исто така, ќе се емитува во живо од телевизија Sony ESPN.

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