Friday , September 25 2020

Deng Menace: Health Unit for Searching Suspicious Cases within a 200-meter Radius of Every Positive Patient | Good luck


Happiness: Alarmed to level the dengue cases despite changing weather conditions and temperatures, the US government decided to step up its vector control activities on Friday.
Therefore, health offices and municipal offices will need to visit the neighborhood for every new positive case of dengue. This means that health care personnel will look for suspected patients near each new positive case of dengue.
Instructing to this end, while reviewing the state of dengue in the country, Secretary-General RK. Tuarari said: "Active case-finding and vector control activities, including larval tying and prevention, should be conducted within a 200-meter radius of each new patient. "
To note, more than 7,000 cases of dengue have been reported in the country this year. Despite the projected post diwali decline, the number of dengue cases has not declined.
In Lacino alone, more than 375 cases have appeared since November 1, which has been worrying academics and health experts. In previous years, cases of dengue have declined since the virus calmed down due to changes in temperature and humidity arriving with Diwali.
The secretary-general also directed the appointment of a teacher in each school to create dengue and vector-borne illnesses during morning assemblies.

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