Wednesday , September 23 2020

Call of Duty Mobile Beginners, Activation VP Mobile Chris Plummer Has Some Important Tips For You – Technology


Call of Duty Activation: The mobile phone is the new gaming sensation. Launched worldwide on October 1, Call of Duty: Mobile's first monthly performance broke rival PUBG Mobile and Fortnite records in the mobile shooter genre. According to the latest sensor tower data, CoD Mobile spent 148 million downloads in the first month, better than PUBG Mobile (60.7 million) and Fortnite (35.0 million).

If you haven't started Call of Duty: Mobile yet, Activision's VP mobile phone Chris Plummer has some important tips for you.

In an interview with The Hindustan Times, Plummer said: "For new players, I always recommend experimenting with controls for a few matches before deciding on one to stick with. It took a lot of effort to adjust the controls to different types of players. Once you have the main control layout you like, then you can slightly adjust the key layout to really adjust it for your grip. “

"Some other key things to know when starting out are always to open your inbox to collect gifts and rewards, and also remember to upgrade your weapons so you can apply new additions to them, such as ranges and circles. of penetration. The upgrades are made from the "Loadout" menu, he added.

Plummer also said that CoD Mobile users should play games with their friends. "My last tip is to invite friends to play so you can play matches and give away. It's always fun with friends, ”he said.

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CoD Mobile's popularity in India

India was one of the major contributors to CoD Mobile's growth. According to Sensor Tower, CoD Mobile recorded the second highest download in India (13.7 million), followed by the US (17.3 million) in the first week of launch.

Plummer revealed that the company had seen a lot of interest from users in India when the game was being tested.

"This helped us make sure that the quality of the network would be strong in India and we wanted to make sure that the players in India stay engaged and enthusiastic, but we did not know how popular it would be once we started globally. We are thrilled to see a large and thriving community of Call of Duty Mobile players in India, ”he added.

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