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Burnwell, Riffer star handed US second straight defeat



Raymond Riffer extends his red hot bowling form to KPL to drown bats in US

Raymond Rafer extends his red hot bowling form to KPL to drown bats in the US © Getty

It was the case so close for the United States to land Guyana once again in the 13th defeat of the Col 50 Super Colonial tournament in Port of Spain. Guyana's hunters were led by Raymond Riffer, who continued his red hot bowling form from the CRP to choke the bats in the United States on a slightly weary and flawless braid of the Queen's Park. The United States remained alive in the chase for a long time, but it never seemed to run away with the game at any stage and ultimately failed to beat the finish.

The United States made four changes. Sagar Patel, Ian Holland, Cameron Stevenson and Nostush Kenji came as part of their broader strategy to test "water in their reservoirs" before heading for the warm, dry sands of the United Arab Emirates. The United States released Guyana into the bat after beating the shot and outfielder Jandarpal Jemaray and old block champion Tagenarin Jandarpal with Givarin Jandarpal as Guyana's current coach.

Captain Saurab Neutralckar and Cameron Stevenson opened the bowling alley in unusual and gloomy conditions. Netravalkar has produced magic for centuries with impassable line and length. He let his outsider get lost with such precision that it was difficult for the bats to even touch the ball, let alone steal an escape. The first 8 Avatars of Neutralkal had 4 girls and only 9 races to match. The skipper also gave the side the first breakthrough, which was mounted by Gemar, in front of the surprising runner.

Stevenson, too, bowed to a lot of poison and zing, constantly buzzing over 135km / h – something that is gladly missed on an associate level. He was also not far behind in getting his first bra in the US, featuring a snowmobile-tainted Kemol, right-handed delivery, with a swing from his left leg, hitting outside and straightening his father slightly to hit the top. part of the stump.

Leon Nonson and Tagenarin Shandarpoull began a steady recovery as Guyana spoiled for 6 for 2. Recovery was a bit slow as Chandpallou clearly fought all day to find the bat, as even his singles looked like golden dust to him. At one point he was 11 of 50 balls. Leon Nelson tried to break the shackles by depositing one over the ropes in 18. He played some nice shots before Taylor pulled him out on a delivery that collapsed abruptly. The knitting was the result of some clever Captains of Netravalkar, as he always kept six men in the ring along with sliding to keep up the pressure on the battles of Guyana.

At 67 for 3 in the 25th round, Christopher Burnwell came to change the tone of the game. The tall and bulky Guyana man has indicated his intention to go big almost immediately, confusing the midfielders with his 3rd delivery. Burnwell continued to plunder the boundaries of poor deliveries from US sponsors who either bowed to the shorter side or redirected deliveries, especially Kenji, who received a long game after a long time.

Gore ended the Chanderpal employee's circumstances by stuck in front, finishing with 40 runs on 104 balls. Burnwell, who initially struggled to read the stupid Timil, stuck with him in the 5th when he found 16 races. Ian Holland eventually fired Burnwell a well-covered slower ball, dropping the ball as he ran his fingers over it. Burnwell offered a simple catch on short cover before changing its head game to an 80th game.

Athonathan Hu provided some much needed lower-order tracks with 39 years to take Guyana to 226 before being kicked out of the final. The United States did well to limit Guyana to 54/5 in the last 10 overs. In particular, the Netherlands has shown its repertoire of dead streets with deathly bowling alleyways with slower deliveries.

The United States has once again introduced a new introductory combination to Monank and Sagar. The couple started slowly as Sagar Patel made a comeback after a long break. Sagar looked as if he had cold feet and although he found the middle of the bat, he failed to pass through the open fields. Rieffer bowed Sagar in the 8th inning after tearing his stump out of the ball that straightened a little runway from the corner of his left hand.

Monk Patel showed off his brilliance with some beautiful shots, a direct drive outside the Riffer and a shot to the waist area with his weight firmly on the back foot against Baiton. Steven Taylor dropped all the guns like flames. He split Riffer in the final before a powerful mid-range brutal game and two beautiful cover drives.

The United States had been pushing for a partnership to win together, before remaining carriers abruptly rounded out the stand at 59 on the 16th, with Taylor being the victim of the occasion. Aaron onesons joined Monak in the middle. Ons left after an awkward stay on the braid, repositioned the ball by hand and cleaned up stuck in the back foot with 9 of 29 balls. Monk Patel, who has managed to keep things going so far and soon, also scored 43 of 79 balls. Monank fired a shot too early for a ball that failed to get into the bat and brought Riffer back.

Homaraj and the Netherlands used the opportunity to do enough to keep the United States in the game. The Netherlands hit two boundaries en route to 28 of 40 balls before being kicked out by Fémary. Oreor joined Akshay Homayar in order to still be within easy reach of the 86 needed 73 balls. Homray and Gore failed to get the ball out of the square and failed to manage the few pink strokes needed to bring down the required running rate. After crashing twice, Homey went to 32 with the United States needing 55 of 39. The American tail was hard to find at 227, but it was a bit too late as Riffer continued to thwart the US drive to death by regular ghosts.

There are many benefits to returning to the United States. However, the party will still need to get their house in view of their bathing. Management has been vocal about trying different permutations and combinations, but has several years of problems, such as a high percentage of ball points (57%) and the absence of low-power punching options that they still treat. The United States plays its next match against the Islanders on Wednesday in Taruba.

Short grades: Guyana 226/10 in 49.5 overs (Christopher Barnwell 80 (63), Leon Nonson 43 (57); Karima Gore 3-38) beat US 213/9 in 50 overs (Monank Patel 43 (79), Akshay Homaray) 32 (49); Raymond Riffer 5-35) with 13 races

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