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Big Boss Written Update 13 Weekend, Day 48: Salman Khan Kicks Arhan Khan From Show – TV

The weekend at Kee Ware was a "Big Boss", an enjoyable episode with evictions, celebrity visits, and entertaining assignments. Here are the highlights from Sunday's episode:

Salman Khan made an excellent entry with his friend Anil Kapoor while dancing to their song "Beavie" No.1, Hai Hai Mirchi. While Salman praised Anil for his evergreen appearance, Anil also praised him for his willingness.

Salman urged competitors to improve the game, while also appreciating the efforts of several who performed excellently in the past week.

Later, Salman introduced the contestants to Anil. Salman named Rashami Desai as Meena Kumari for being queen of tragedy show

Anil and Pulkit Samrat played a game with the hosts where they had to mention a name they considered "bakkies" and give them a door slice made with ripe bananas.

Assim said he finds Bakiva Mahira while mixing in everybody's problem, while Arhan said Aarti is confused and therefore he thinks she is competing for Bakavi. On the other hand, Paras was the only competitor to receive 4 bananas and from the other hosts was selected as the highest competitor for the bananas. .


Urvashi Rutela and Kriti Karbanda entered the house with two large typhoon boxes filled with Salman and Anil's favorite delicacies. Anil and Salman were supposed to respond to each other and reveal some of the best-kept secrets.

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Salman played a wax game with competitors. The girls had to answer yes or no questions. If the answer was no, they had to wipe the leg of their partner. .


Mahira's answers brought pain to Bahu and he managed to wipe his leg.

Rashami wiped Vishal Aditya Singh's legs and for one question, Sidahart asked her if she wanted him. She replied with no certainty and went forward to wipe her legs.

Cephali ariarivala chose Paras Jabra and wiped his feet several times.

Devolina Batacharjee waved Jukla's hands as she sat on her lap and everyone was enjoying their fur.


At the end of the episode, Salman Khan announces the departure of Arhan Khan, who left Rashami in tears as she said goodbye.

The hosts were later seen discussing how Arhan was not his real man in the house. Siddhart, Arty Singh, and Visal discussed Arhanay's stay in the house, and soon Paras joined them and agreed that Arhan was trying to be too sweet. Rashami stepped on stage and told Paras that people can change.

Rashami said it could be different, but he thought in the long run and went far, saying: "Mai uske khilaaf kuch nahi sun sakti. (I can't hear anything against him). ”

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