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Ayushman Kurana: From Vicki Donor to Article 15 Andhadun and Bala, How He Became an Incredible Bollywood Hit Machine

Bollywood actor Ayushman Kurana entered Bollywood seven years ago – and that is the number of back-to-back hits he has broken over the last two years with Bala, his new release, becoming the last chapter in his success story.

With Bala, Ayushman registered the best RS career of 10.15 kronor on Friday, dimming the day at 10.05pm, a collection of his latest release, Girl's Dream. By the way, Bala is his 13th Bollywood film since launching with Vicky Donator in 2012 and, in the most likely scenario that the film will make a profit, Ayushman will have an enviable record of nine hits from 13 releases. For an actor who began to identify as a master of incredible roles and a poster boy for unconventional films, Ayushman has emerged as Bollywood's most unconventional hit machine.

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Ayushman Kurrana, accompanied by director Amar Kaushik and producer Dinesh Viyan, addresses during Bala's promotions.

Ayushman Kurrana, accompanied by director Amar Kaushik and producer Dinesh Viyan, addresses during Bala's promotions.

When the actor entered Hindi films with Hoyt Sarkar's 2012 Donor Vicki, he immediately won hearts with his charm and ghostly presence on screen. The film, which represents a light heart, on a taboo accompanied by donation of sperm and artificial insemination, is said to be made on a budget of 5 Rs. She went on to earn a crown of 65 Rs.

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Vicky Donor made Aishman bear the household name, a multiplex hero with a charm from the boy next door. What follows, however, was something he was not prepared for. Films like Nautanki Saala !, Bevakoyayan, Jawaizada and Mary Piari Bindu performed well below expectations, and the only bright spot at that early stage was the unusual Dam Laga Ke Haisha.

Ayushman, with his blend of good looks, ample acting ability and singing talent, is not exactly the kind of actor you keep for long. The actor who began his journey on the small screen soon realized that, by changing times and tastes, the winning trick lay as part of the tales of imperfections, and in essaying struggling men.

He loves the excitement of taking a risk with such roles, he tells you, and, if any, delivering back-to-back punches only heightens that excitement. "I don't feel scared like that, but I think when you deliver successful films, the producers of your film feel confident that their film will get a better opening in the movie theater I have in it. I think that once you are part of a successful movie, you become more fearless and confident because you know that your past choices have been properly proven. There is a tendency to risk more, "Ayushman said while recently communicating with the media.

Over the past two years, he has hit gold with experimental subjects such as Barreley Kie Barfi (2017), Hub Mangal Saavdhan (2017), AndDun (2018), Badahai Shaw (2018), Article 15 (2019), Girl by dreams (2019)) and now Bala. If he wins the hearts of innocent Zirag Dubai by offering tastes to the small Indian town of Bareli Ki Barfi, Ayushman has opened a dialogue about erectile dysfunction with Hub Mangal Sauddhan.

He continued his golden path of essaying the blind hero in the miraculous thriller of Sriram Ragavan and showed the plight of a frustrated older son during his elderly mother's pregnancy in Badaha Shaw. He went to a police officer's avatar to fight discrimination in Article 15 and took the image of a entertainer in a "Dream" girl, while at the center of her loneliness. All of these stories were tied together by Eichmann's enduring charisma and performance.

Speaking of numbers, Barley Key Burfy, which was made on an approximate budget of 20 crowns, earned above the Rs 18 crore in the first week of issue in August 2017, while Hub Mangal Savadhan, made on a low budget, made a living from home business. 41.9 Rs after the opening in September of that year.

With AndhaDhun, Ayushman has become global, as the film has been wondering not only in the domestic boxer, but also in the international market. The film, starring Taboo and Radika Ape, opened to rave reviews in India last October and made over 95.63 crowns. The film has earned over 300 kronor in China since its April release. He is scheduled to go to Japan later this month.

Badajay Shaw has given Ayushman its first Rs 100 supermarket in India, opening in October last year. Article 15, which opened on June 28 this year, registered a lifelong domestic collection of Rs 6300 crore. "I think I pushed the envelope a little further by choosing another scenario that was a taboo subject that wasn't explored in detail. People laughed a lot, but hopefully it also taught people more about love, unconditional love. It was meant to spark thought, spark a conversation, and I'm thrilled that Badahai Shaw has done all this in his own unique way, "Ayushman told the film.

Ayushman Kurana offers prayers during Ganga Arti at Dasashwamed Gat in Varanasi.

Ayushman Kurana offers prayers during Ganga Arti at Dasashwamed Gat in Varanasi.

Dream Girl, released in September 2019, is his highest-grossing film of all time, after I got over 139 crowns. In Dream Girl, directed by Raja Chandilaya, Ayushman had the role of a man with a talent for amplifying a woman's voice.

Now, he's re-winning the box-office game with Bala, a movie about a young man struggling with premature torture. According to trade analysts, it's time for Hub Mangal Sauddhan for Ayushman. "He got a hit formula where he took items that were taboo or brushed on the carpet and told these stories neatly and cleanly, dressing in humor. So families could watch his movies have fun even because the films also delivered a message, "trade expert Girish Shohar told IANS.

According to trade expert Rajesh Tadani, Ayushman's "common man" makes him. "People think he is just an ordinary guy or more of a boy next door and it worked for him," Tadani told IANS.

Back-to-back visits come with some pitfalls. Will the pressure be on to extend the golden age, to choose the right movie with the long-term question – to continue on the offbeat path or not? "Expecting him is heaven now. Everyone will have high expectations. He has to pick and choose very carefully, "Tadani said.

To this, Sohar added: "As a fan, I would like him to do something different than taboo-themed films, through which he can increase his fan base and stay strong at the box office."

Ayushman's love for cinema will continue as he next meets Hoyt Sikar's Gulit Sitabo in Mumbai and tackles the issue of homosexuality in Hub Mangal Ziada Saaddhan.

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